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Employee Names I - L

Employee Name

Email Address

Job Title


 John Iannacone 67-89 johniannacone@aa.com Atl field tech bos-mia-ord-atl
 Tom Illingworth 61-89 kofctom@comcast.net ramp supv MDW/ORD/ATL
 Dovie Imbordino 89 - 91 dovieanne@cox.net F/A DCA
Imbrie, Carla (Enders)(66-70)  lbigtime@bellsouth.net F/A ORD-ATL
Imbrie, Lee (55-88) lbigtime@bellsouth.net Pilot ORD-MIA
Ann Impagliatelli 78-88 amgallo60@hotmail.com Reservation WEB
Anthony Imparato 76-88 anthony.imparato@kellstrom.com Maint/Traing Instr jfk
Lee Inabnit 73-91 Eagle51247@aol.com RES-ClNG-Fueling MIA-ATL
Nick Incannella 76/86 nji@home.com  RES/SYS ONE WDB/HVN/BOS
Louis Indelicato (72-90) indellou@msn.com ramp-cabin svc ord-phl-mia
Pattie Inman 56-58 pattieh35@att.net F/A MIA
Cecile Intriago 72-end cecileinfo@aol.com Gate Agent  MIAMI
 Fred Irizarry 89-91 fred.irizarry@ieee.org Avionics Mechanic MIA (ATL/CLE)
 Horacio Irausquin 72-91 HoracioY@msn.com
Karyn Irvin 86-89 flygirl39@1scom.net cabin serv & cust serv. MCO
 Scott Irvin 87-89 scott.irvin@comcast.net ramp svc mco
 Tami Irvin 84-89 tjklo@msn.com Ramp/ CustService aus,atl, mco
 MARION ISLEB marion.leslie@aurora.org F/A ORD
Marlene Isserman Young 64-89 marlene21@juno.com Telet,tktctr,gates NYC-EWR-TPA
Marion(SusieIsleb)Leslie69-70 john.leslie@mcleodusa.net f/a ORD
Gene Nelson Isom 67-90 gndisom@aol.com Agent/Qual-Cont/Supvr TPA/STL/GNV
John  Isom (60-91) johnboy4@prodigy.net Supt. QA BOS   NYC
 mary iturbe 72-91 maryannp60@earthlink.net baggage/operations/departure clt/ord/mia
Bill Ivie 68-91 weivie@aol.com crew sched ATL-DCA-MIA
Bill Ives (69/89)  ivyivy@mciworld.com AGENT DCA 
David J. Ivey 70-91 divey2002@aol.com Pilot DCA/ATL
Alexander Jackson (90-91) jajsf@yahoo.com Customer Service SFO
Alesia Jackson 85-91 ajaxon1121@msn.com Ticket/Gate Agent TLH Airport
Andy Jackson 52-86 Ajax558@optonline.net Agent lga
 Eddie Jackson 73-87 jackromani@aol.com Chief Sky Cap MCO
Fred Jackson  (67-91) fredrv@aol.com Pilot NY/ATL
 Jeanette Jobin Jackson 72-89 JeanetteLJackson@aol.com F/A SJU,ATL,MIA
 Linda Lamar(Jackson)69-91 lleal95824@aol.com flight attendant ord mia atl lga
Peter Jackson (78-91) Fastsail11@aol.com agt/shift mgr/sys one BOS/ALB/MIA
 Randy Jackson 89-91 inspectorgo87@hotmail.com lead mechanic CLE
 Valerie Jacus 72 - 88 valerie_jacus@sbk.com res CHIRR
Josie Jager (75-90) Eldorado78@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
Elizabeth Jambor 72-end elizabethj1@hotmail.com F/A SJU/MIA
Edward B. James, Jr.(69-91) eddiejjr@hotmail.com Cust Servc Agent EWR/PHL/TLH
Lyn James(78-89) waverlyresort@MSN.com Res CLTRR
 Bill Janke 68-91 bhj0815@aol.com Maint Foreman DCA
 Larry Janke 73-91 Lair2@aol.com Pilot ATL
Karen St.Jean Janicki (87-91) karen.janicki@nwa.com Sales Providence
 joe jankowski 72-89 jjankows@twcny.rr.com ramp syracuse
Janos, Don 57-91 flymydc9@aol.com Ramp,Ops,MGT. CLE
Camille Janson 83-end cjanson@earthlink.net F/A JFK
 Kit "KJ" Jaracy 70/89 Kitsburghsteeler@yahoo.com Intl.Flt. Ops Md. BDL/ATL
 Frank Jarrett 56-92 RETEAL727@aol.com 757 Line Manager ATL
 Karen Hatfield Jaudon 75-91 jaudon4@msn.com F/a AMI/ATL
Jason Jebbson 84-91 jasonjebbs@yahoo.com F/A BOS
Bill Jecker  (65 -91)  bjecker1@aol.com crew sched JFK/MIA
 Barbara Jeffrey 73-92 bsjeffrey@bellsouth.net INFLT SKED MIA
 Steve Jender 78-89 stefan831@comcast.net Ramp Services ATL
 Charles Jenison 78-86 cjenison@northstarflotilla.com res BOSRR
Joy Jenkins (88-91) joy2market@yahoo.com F/A ATL
Henry Jepsen 42-82 jepsentravel@hotmail.com Ramp  TPA
 Helene Jersets 72-88 helenesparadise@aol.com RES/ Group desk WDBRR
CarolineGerardJessup57-67 cgjessup@hotmail.com F/A NY,DCA
Javier Jimenez 76-80 laja6@hotmail.com cargo SJU-JFK 
 Larry Jividen 73-89 larjiv@aol.com Pilot ATL
Trish Jividen 65-89 larjiv@aol.com f/a ord/atl

Ursula Joachmin 83-89
urlufthansa@aol.com   JAX/SEA
Alexander Johanson 67-91 ajmyway189@aol.com a/c aint mia.ewr.lga.jfk
 Billy Jones 60-82 annemari.jones@sbcglobal.net ramp-ops-tickets cleveland
Ken Johns 72-86 kenjohns@friend.ly.net F/A SJU/ATL/DCA
 Alicia Johnson 61-64
alicia.snyder@alumni.utexas.net flight attendant MIA
 Bill Johnson 80-89 seijohn@cox.net
Engine Overhaul MIA
 Bob Johnson 66-88 llamas@bellsouth.net Eng. shop Hangar mia/atl
Carolyn L Johnson 76-91 cajohnson@ij.net res TPARR
Dale Johnson 87-89 ifly4nw@aol.com Ticket/GateAgent LAX
Dawn Poosikian Johnson(79-90) dawn.johnson@us.amadeus.net res/tktctr wdbrr/bosrr/miarr/miata
Eileen Johnson Matthews 69-86 EJMatt@aol.com F/A ATL & JFK/LGA
Frank Johnson 80-89 jetmech80@hotmail.com a&p mechanic mia
 GARY JOHNSON (65-91) theavantiman@yahoo.com Mech/Supr/WCD's miami
Gregory C. Johnson 86-91 vanguardgreggie@aol.com F/A BOS,ATL,MIA
Jacquie Johnson 68-83
jakki0607@hotmail.com F/A MIA
Michael V. Johnson 69-85 mvjohnson789@comcast.net agent/disp BNA/DTW/SRQ/EWR/MIA/TYS
RobertaJohn-Gorman(76-91) r.john-gorman@att.net airport pvd/alb
P.J. Johnson 78-89 postellj@msn.com Ramp Services ATL
Jean (Johnson) Akers 67-70 jeanakers@bellsouth.net F/A DCA
John M. Johnson (48 -83) JMJohnson12720@worldnet.att.net mgr pssgr/cargo sales IND
Joy Thompson Johnson 85-87 jjohnson01@nc.rr.com Pilot/FE LGA/ATL
 Kathy Johnson 88-90 kperea@cox.net Flight Attendant LGA/ATL
Michael V. Johnson 69-85 mvjohnson789@attbi.com Agent/Dispatcher BNA/DTW/SRQ/EWR/MIA/TYS
 Pam Johnson 70-75 pamipami@hotmail.com Flight Attendant ATL
 Pamela Johnson 68-91 findurbike@Yahoo.com Flight Attendant MIA/LGA
Randy Johnson 79-88 johnsonrrj@aol.com res CHIRR
Richard A Johnson 66-91 EALCapt727@aol.com Pilot Boston
 Robert F Johnson 65-89 bobj@usa.com Pilot DCA
 Scott Johnson 86-88 toadmaster@comporium.net f/a ATL
 Walter H Johnson 66-89 whj03@att.net Pilot DCA/MIA/JFK
 W.J.(Jay) Johnson 78-98 williamj@nc.rr.com sales RIC,PHL,CLT,GSP
 tess dipaolo (johnstonbaugh) 72-89 baught@yahoo.com res/airport/ops wdbrr/ont/lax
Carmen E Johnston 87-89 celainej1@earthlink.net Ticket Agt Int'l mia
 Dave Johnston 76/89 ddjohn53@yahoo.com a+p mechanic mia/pit/atl
james johnston 65-89 indmech5@aol.com 698, electrical mia/bwi/tpa
Johnston T. D.(Johnny) 56-88 TOMJO@KNOLOGY.NET Mrg/sales/svc HSV-ATL-HOU-SAT-STL-ORD-MIA-SAT
Anna-lisa Jones (82-91) Kannermanor@iname.com res-airport YUL
 A.W."Tobey"Jones 64 -88 tobeyjones@comcast.net SALES NYC,CLE,ORD,MIA
 Bill Jones 60-91 scroungenbill@aol.com PsgrCgosls/Res/Disp NH/MA/CO/NY/NJ/GA/FL/SA
 Craig Jones 81-84 jonescraigr@yahoo.com Simul Engr MIA
Elaine Jones EJones9@Tampabay.RR.com Res Center TPA
Greg Jones (83-88) GJKJ3761@aol.com Ramp Service CMH/ATL
Jackie Jones 72-91 jv1331@friend.ly.net Flight Attendant SJU/ATL/DCA
JERRY JONES (59-92) blackart@bellsouth.net STOCK ROOM PHL BAL MIA
John T. Jones72-73 jonesjohn@aol.com flight att SJU & ATL
 Larry Jones 66 - 89 schoonercaptain@netscape.net Pilot ORD,DCA,JFK,MIA,ORL,TPA
Michael R. Jones 69-90 sean@alltel.net c/s,r/s ops,sales  atl/mco/dws/fll/mia/ewr
Paul Jones (72-89) pjones@localnet.com Ops/Air Freight BUF
A. W. "Tobey" Jones (64-88) tjones@rosenbluth.com Sales JFK, CLE, ORD, MIA
 Sharon Jones 67-91 sjones2015@hotmail.com res TPARR
 Steve J. Jones 67-77 SteveJ1330@alltel.net gate agt atl
Victoria Jones 79-85 victoriasjones@hotmail.com F/A atl
James W. 'Jim' Jordan'43-'79 ardoacv@webtv.net F/S-F/A-Sr.Crew Sked BOS/ATL
Jerry Jorgensen 63-89 Jervic5253@aol Pilot NY BOS
 Anne Joyner 64-89 annelj@bellsouth.com F/A ORD/MIA/ATL

Jose A. Juelle 78-91
jajuelle@comcast.net speedmail MIA

Steven C. Judy 73-91

 woodmn7@aol.com SO/FO DCA/ATL
John Justen (82-91) jbjusten@hotmail.com Flight Attendant ATL
Paul Kaiser (52-87)  wings@warwick.net  Pilot JFK
Dick Kamont  (68-89) ckamont@netnitco.net Crew Scheduling ORD
 Sue Kania Fairbanks 78-89 sfbanks@npgcable.com res CHIRR/RNOSM
Carole Kappeler 67-69 flagday45@aol.com engineering, crew schedule JFK
 Jeff Kasko 86-87 jeff.k@excite.com Ticket Counter EWR
Gunther (Gus) Karger
planning mia
Sharon Karonias 89-91 skaronias@hotmail.com cust svc ABE
Maureen (Kane) Kotlas 77-88 mkotlas@umd.edu JFK  
Jack Keady (70-74) jjkeady@aol.com Marketing MIA
Candice Keane (72-91) ckeane1@msn.com Res MIA
Walt Keating 67- 91 pwr2back2@juno.com Pilot DCA 

Roger Keeble 59-91 rkeeble@mail.newnanutilities.org Flt Opns-Staff ATL/MIA
EARL KEEL james.keel@so-container.com mechanic ATL, BNA
Stan Keeley (68-89) iamstan@erols.com Line Mechanic PHL
Doug Keene 67-89 serenoa@totcon.com Ramp Service JFK-MIA-FLL-MCO
Larry Keever 64-89 jlarryk@hotmail.com res cltrr
Robert  "BOB"  Keiser 57-89 carynbroome@gmail.com


Ben Keith 60-86 neb431@aol.com Maintenance Test eq MIA
 Michael D. Keith 78-89 mikeith294@aol.com agt/ramp mgr MIA SLC LGA
Earl Kells (55-91)    pickin@Cox.net Customer service DCA PHX
Carole Larned (Keller) 68-76 technocats@msn.com Flight Attendant MIA
 Clark Keller 62-91
c.keller@msn.com Pilot BOS JFK MIA
Clark Keller 60-80 planthood@aol.com Pilot MIA
bill kelly (57-62)   agent-sales hvn-dca
 Bob Kelley 72-90 bobkelley@bellsouth.net


Sales, System One, Atlanta Ops MCO/ATL
Brian Kelley 88-90 bkelley@cox.net F/A jfk
 Charles"Chuck" Kelly 64-91 clk43@netscape.com Dep.Svc,agent,CSR BWI
Chuck Kelly 64-91
CKelly5650@aol.com Gate/Ops/agent CSR BAL / BWI
hughie kelly 67-89 hogstersrus@yahoo.com ramp dca
Jim Kelley (79-87) JAwake@aol.com
A/C Maintenance MIA/RDU
judy crean (Kelley) 76-91 gojc13@aol.com sales/flt ops/inflt oakbrook/ord/atl
June Kelley (Springer) 68-90 junespringer@yahoo.com F/A ATL
Earl Kells 55 - 91 n7e31kells@cox.net Customer Svc DCA
Kevin Kelly (78-87)
Ramp Service LGA

Robert Kelley 68-89
glider48@verizon.net A/C Maintenance BOS / PVD
Steve Kelly  (77-91)   HAL1818@aol.com Ctr,Departures,Air Frt ATL,SFO,LAX,BOS,MIA,WDB,LGA
Mauda Kelton Palmer 68-88 maudsiek@hotmail.com flight attendant DCA & ATL
charlie kendall (83-91) mekr525@peoplepc.com clean up crew  
Phillip Kenealy 78-89 gearmasher@comcast.net A & P  ord-mia-sfo-lax
 Lynne Kenerly 74-89 jkenerly@bellsouth.net F/A ATL
Beth (Marriott) Kennedy 70 - 91 drkeek@gmail.com Res / ATO / Sales/ S1 WDB/WDW/MCO/PBI/MLB
Glenn Kennedy  (79-89)  gleff49@comcast.net res BOSRR
 Regis Kenney 67-89 buzz@cfl.rr.com cust svc MSY AND MCO
Lynne Kenerly (74-89) lkenerly@comcast.net F/A ATL
 PJ KEPPEL 69-91 pjkepp@aol.com f/A MIA
Betsy Kerlin 69-91 dickkerlin66@hotmail.com F/A ATL
 Maureen Kerrigan Moore 70-91 maureenmoore8490@yahoo.com F/A BOS

Rochelle Kesler Gomez 67-92
rochelle.kesler@gmail.com F/A JFK, SJU, ATL
 Pam Ketner Lindsay 75-91 pamketnerlind@aol.com Flight Attendant ATL
Sue (Kerekes) Craig 80/91 sueycraig@verizon.net Agent/ramp supv. SLC/IAH/ELP/ATL
 Vince Kessler 56-76 vi@citynet.net Pilot ATL
 Elsa Kidder 77-88 klitter25@bellsouth.net res mis
 Steve Kiefer 85-87 steve_kiefer@hotmail.com Flight Attendant ATL
Dwight Killion 83-87 d.killion@comcast.net Ramp Svcs IAH/TPA
Milford"TANK"Killion 68-87 milfordk@juno.com ramp-fueler  IAH-RDU-IAH
Terri Killion 76-87 terri2@flash.net Ramp/Cleaner IAH
Bob Kimber 64-69 noreenbob2000@yahoo.com line mech mia
Charlotte Kimber 77-91 charlotte_kimber@yahoo.com TKTG/RES/GATES mem/chi/atl
 B.J.Kimbrel 57-85 dot2@bellsouth.net Ramp Service ATL
Kathy Kimmell 72-91 kkmmll13@gmail.com Res/TktCtr/DeptSvc WDB/MIA/ATL
Patrick Kinane (68-89) PlaneQA@aol.com A/P Mechanic ORD
 Carole Kincaid 89-91 kincaidcarole@hotmail.com Flight Attendant ATL/DCA
Carol King(76-96) kingsinmiami@webtv.net Accounting MIA

J.C.KING 67-89
pajcking@aol.com LEAD MECH ATL LINE MTC.
John D King 74-87 john.king19@comcast.net maint BOS
 Liesl M. King 85-91 liesl.king@yahoo.com Flight Attendant JFK
Glenn King (SKY)  (47-87)  
John D King 74-87 jking1@mediaone.net mech BOS
L.M. King 86-89 king44536@cs.com Flight Attendant JFK
 Raymond W King 68 - 88 ElReyJr@webtv.net Computer Sciences mia
 Robert R. King 68-89 rking54@hotmail.com A&P MechanicATL  
Clint Kingsley (66-89) airkingsley@aol.com pilot EWR
Chris Kingsmore 84-End jckingsmore@hotmail.com ramp svc MCO/MIA
John Kinzer (65-73) jkinzer@hemsi.org Cust Servc Agent HSV
George Kipp 67-91
gkipp65@hotmail.com surface shop MIA
Kathy Kirby (76-91) kkirby@lucent.com Reservations atl/bos/wdb
Kitty Kirchen Stothart 68-86 F/A pckitty1@mac.com


 Bill Kirk 72-end wkirk50506@aol.com AGENT CLTRR,RIC,FLL,MCO,GNV,MCO
Gail Kirschbaum 78-88 Gkjourney@aol.com speedmail vpd ord
Conni Foster-Brophy Kerrigan (65-86) connik@kerriganmedia.com Flight AttSales Rep DCA
 Stephen Kisko 68-72 skisko@aol.com speed mail tkt nyc/wdbg
 trish klaas 69-91 pklaas@atlanticgeneral.org flight attendant DCA
Dennis Klein 85-91 ddpklein@aol.com Pilot BOS
 Jeff Kline 79-87 klinejeff@att.net cust svc/ramp/res phx/slc/atl
 Linda Klein 76-88 lindak1220@earthlink.net RES,TKT/OPS,GATE WDBRR,EWR,ATL
Steve Klein 76-86 SRKlein@YWave.com Sales Mgt. MIA-SFO-IAH-NYC,10 Rock
Dee Lozito-Klimar (85-91) dklimar@suffolk.lib.ny.us   MIA,JFK,ATL
 Jeff Kline 79-87 jkline005@columbus.rr.com CSA Ramp Res PHX SLC ELP ATL
tina m klohr 77-90 galahall@bellsouth.net res clt/slc cly
Ronald Klutzke 79-91 littlek@earthlink.net f/a supv ewr/sju/jfk
Frances Kmiec 68-90 frannielamb@peoplepc.com Flight attendant DCA
Ted Knach Jr (89-92) ted_knach_jr@hotmail.com Purchasing MIA
 Jay Knobel 78-89 jknobel@att.net Pilot JFK
 Chuck Knobler 41-77 knozie@hotmail.com Pilot MIA, ATL, DC, Brazil
Marty Knowles 73-91 knowles24@aol.com   ATL
William(Ron) Knudsen 72-87 janinek317@yahoo.com Ramp services ATL
 shawn koeck 82-86 koecker@hotmail.com ramp svcs LAX
 robert"yank"koenig ptkoenig2000@hotmail.com ramp ATL
Wayne Kopp 66-89 GlasSurgeon@clis.com pilot DCA
Marlene Rodriguez Kochulinski(84-88) mar9454@bellsouth.net Ticket agent LAX/MIA
James a. Koda 64-91 jkoda@coair.com inv plng  desk mia
shawn koeck 82-86 koecker@hotmail.com ramp services LAX
Bob Koeppel (67-89) gog@bellsouth.net fueler Mia
michael kokenzie76-89 michael.kokenzie@delta-air.com ramp svc ATL
Rick Kolb (76-79) rkolb@mindspring.com F/A MIA, ATL
Carla Humbard-Kolega skolega@go.com Ticket Agent MCI FLL
Sean Kolega (85-90) skolega@go.com R/S MCI FLL
Roger L. Koll 78-91 rkoll@nc.rr.com Pilot mia-atl
Susanne Gavin Konrath 75 - 89 airsick1@hotmail.com
Flight Attendant
Patti (Koplin) Sanwald 78-97 PS-PATTI@USA.NET RES AGT/ SYS ONE WDB/MIA
Jim Kopp 53-55 jkopp77815@aol.com F/A EWR
Wayne Kopp 66-89 CaptHKeaney@ncol.net Pilot DCA - JFK

Tony Koprivnik 80-89
a.koprivnik@sbcglobal.net A&P Mechanic MIA
Korinchak,Ed (78-91) malibu3@bellsouth.net customer service agent PNS
Jonathan Korman(85-89) FLDeputy@aol.com A&P Mechanic MIA
 Gene J Kormylo 66-90 gjkormylo@earthlink.net Pilot ATL
mark kornbluth 73-89 airmanf4d@aol.com Aircraft maint. mech ewr
 John Korba 73-89 ironcity99@yahoo.com Aircraft maint LGA/BOS
 Edwin J. Korczynski 67-85 captainski22@yahoo.com Pilot ord
Patti Korenko 72-81 PattiS@cavtel.net Admin. Clerk MIA BWI

Gene J Kormylo 66-90
gjkormyko@earthlink.net Pilot Atlanta
 Lori Kornbluh 75-90 loriinteriorsetc@aol.com flight attendant mia
Gerri(Slonaker)Kosloski69-91 gfk101@aol.com RES/CARGO/PAX WDB/ATL/ABE
 Kosak, Gary F. 68-90 gkosak@aol.com Pilot ATL
Allan Kost 68-80 allan.kost@hs.utc.comj Aircraft Engr'ing MIA
Gail Kostolansky 86-89 glsky10@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA/BOS
Bill Koumarelos 86-91 billykatsfo@msn.com tkt ctr SFO
Michael Kozma (69-88) koz@bellsouth.net Passenger SvcAgt wdb/dca/ewr/mco
Colleen Kradzinski 72-90 CKBOW@aol.com F/A EWR
Betty Krainski (76-88) Rudismom@msn.com Res - Sys 1 WDBRR
Jule Krajewski 72-89 imjulek@aol.com terminal maint phl/mia
Skip Kramer 68-88 skklpk@hotmail.com Pilot LGA
 Herb Krantz 68/89 srflman4u@yahoo.com A&P Mech ATL
 Stephen J. Kratz 68/88 roktman@bellsouth.net a/c mech mia/lga/mia/atl
Jennifer West Krausse' (78-88) gmom_52@yahoo.com RES/TNG/SALES CLTRR/BOSRR/MIARR/WDBRR
Bettye Smallwood Kray 65-90 loubett@aol.com Cust Svc/ ATO/CTO DCA-LGA-SFO
Jim Kreiling  (67-89)  airmanbear01@earthlink.net RES/SLS/AT/CTO CHI/MIA/DEN/HOU
 Larry Kritcher 67-end larrykritcher@cs.com Pilot MIA
Rita Dummer Kritcher 68-end larrykritcher@cs.com f/A MIA
Bernard Kruidbos 70-91 helo@bellsouth.net A&P Mechanic MIA
Sharon Krug 72-87 classycats2@aol.com flight attendant mia/jfk/ewr/dca
 Fred C. Krumm 67- end krum@bellsouth.net Inst. Lead Mech. mia
Joe Kucklick (68-91) luckypierre51@hotmail.com Pilot MIA
Joseph F. Kucklick 68-89 Theosprey@aol.com Pilot JAX-SLC
 Herb Kuehlke 68-89 hkuehlke@optonline.net
A/C Mechanic
Richard Kuh 72-89 RKUH@tampabay.rr.com ramp svc ORD/FLL/SRQ/RSW/IAH/TPA
Kelli Kulcher 66/91, Zuccarello; Orbeleke fox2424@bellsouth.net F/A Mia/Bos/Atl
Kevin Kuhs 84-87 kdk9395@comcast.net BOS Res & Ticket Counter BOS
STEVE KUMISCA 80-89 skumisca@aol.com A/C OVERHAUL mia
Eleanore M Kurczewski  50-53 kenel7@worldnet.att.net Flight Attendant mdw
 julianne kurtz huff


juliannehuff@yahoo.com res/frt/ato clt/oma/iah/gso/buf/mlb
 Paul Kurtz 49-51 paulnkurtz@verizon.net F/A CLT, MIA, ATL,
Fred Krueger 63-89 ckruegers@aol.com Pilot JFK/ATL
Andy Krumm 65-89 fugglie@msn.com Ramp Service JFK-LGA-MIA
Fred Krumm 67- end krum@bellsouth.net Inst. Mechanic M
Bill Kuser 72-89 flyboyk@comcast.net Pilot JFK
Stan Kuschak (66-87) eagle047@comcast.net Pilot JFK-PHL
Rick Kustusch(67-89)  kustusch.rick@mbco.com Res, Training CHIRR, MIA
Tom Kyer (65-88) tkyer@aol.com Rsv/Psgr Svcs CLT/MIA/FLL/TYS/MCI/RSW
Bob LaBerge 67-91 rlaberge@uasc.com Maint/Ops/Pilot MIA
 Charles M. LaBow 80-89 chuckl@askchuck.com  Line sheet metal MIA
Janet Ladeau 66-90 wjjt1team@optonline.net Rz-tktg-Trng EWR/MIA
Bruce Ladrie 68-89 flyinghigh8@verizon.net Aircraft Maint RDU
Rich Laing (89-91) u2sleep@thegrid.net Pilot ATL
R. M. (Spook) Laird (68-89) spooklaird@comcast.net pilot ATL
RIAN LAFKOFF (79-89) straykat@comcast.net MECHANIC MIA/ATL
Denise La Flam 71-91 DLaflam@AOL.com Flight Attendant DCA\EWR
Harv LaFollette 66-87 hlafollette@cfl.rr.com Pilot JFK, MIA, ATL
David Lalmond (68-75) davidl1036@yahoo.com customer services tpa
 Linda Lamar(Jackson)(Barr) 69-91 lleal95824@aol.com F/A ord/mia/atl/jfk
Charles Landry (79-89) clandry@isd.net ASC  dept. 594 MIA
Beverly Lane 79-84 bevimills@comcast.net res BOSRR
 "charger" lane 67-89 chargerlane@aol.com mechanic dca
melody swan lane (68-91) melodys285@aol.com  f/a mia-atl
Colleen Lanier 61-66 colleenbuss@yahoo.com Stewardess DCA
Rita Lang 51-55 barita@tampabay.rr.com stewardess EWR
Susan Lang (Kelly)(75-87) SusanL555@aol.com res/airport WDB/EWR
Ruthann Langrell (60-91)  DLangrell@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA, ATL
Sharron (Lee) Ward  '70 sqrl99@flash.net   ATL
chuck lagasse (58-61) lagassc@cobleskill.edu ticket agent alb
Harv LaFollette (66-87) hlafollette@high-flight.com Pilot JFK, ATL, MIA
Lafontaine Claude 57-88 lafontaine.marc@videotron.ca OPN CTR ADM YUL
Philip LaManna   manager mia ,jfk,lga

Rick LaMarche 76-89
rlamarche@cox.net A&P Mech MIA
Mike Lamas 69-end mike.lamas@eds.com Computer Prog MIA
Raymond Lauck 68-89 Raymondjr2u@aol.com ramp svc JAX
 Joanne Lomauro 72-87 jolomauro@aol.com Res/Rates/VacPln WDBRR
 Art Lamb 68-89 aflamb1@livingston.net res HOURR-ATLRR-MIARR
James E Lambert 87-89 ealpilot@cableplus.tv Pilot ATL
Mike Lambert  (72-91) melambert@mindspring.com Reg Sales Mgr CLT/PHL/PBI/DCA
Cliff Landes 72-89  zxcvbn8@comcast.net Pilot JFL
 Susan Landis 71-91 slandis8888@yahoo.com F/A Mia/ATL/Lga
Chuck Landry79-89 clandry@isd.net mechanic MIA
 bill (charger) lane 67-89 chargerlane@aol.com a/c maint. DCA
 Patricia Lane 66-68 pleonard1544@yahoo.com f/A NYC/MIA
Al Laney 65-89 laney2172@comcast.net Pilot NY, MIA, ATL
 Regina Lang 66-69 bail6810@bellsouth.net
F/A Ord, Dca, Mia
 Colleen Lanier 61-66 Colleenbuss@yahoo.com Flight Attendant DCA
 Gene Lansford 46-83 ELans107@aol.com Opns./Ramp Tower MIA-CLE-PIE-TPA
Carole Landsman Aron78-88 Carole812@worldnet.att.net res CHIRR
 Sandy Landmesser 69-91 ciociasans@aol,com Ramp Sect./Agt. PHL
George Lanstrum 63-91 anstrum@attgloal.net mgr-sales/svcs   mke/ord/stl/jfk/dca
Beverly Lane Kalogeris79-85 bkalogeris@gct.com bos BOSRR
Regina Lang 66-69 bail6810@bellsouth.net
Flight Attendant
Rita Lang (51-55) barita@tampabay.rr.com Stewardess ewr
Warren Langham 85-89 WLPilot@aol.com Ramp atl
Doyne D. Langrell(59-89)  DLangrell@aol.com  Pilot ORD,JFK,DCA,MIA,ATL
Bruce Langsen 65-88 blangsen@msn.com Sta/Staff Mgmt FLL/ATL/RDU/MIAHQ/MCI
Kate (Kirwan) Langsen67-85 blangsen@msn.com F/Aspvr/Train/mgr  DCA/MIAHQ
George Lanstrum (63-91) lanstrum@attglobal.net Mgr Sales/Svcs DCA/JFK/STL/ORD/MKE

Nancy Lapio 83-91
nanekila@yahoo.com Mtg/Convention TPARR
David R. LaPalombara (79-89) jetsetterd@aol.com Aircraft Mechanic PHL / ATL
Beverly LaPointe (65-88)  blphere@hotmail.com Flight Attendant MIA
Bruce Larivee 65-78 larivee@aol.com Computer Sci MIA
Carol Larivee 69-91 larivee@aol.com Computer Sci MIA

Lance (Phil) Larkin 72-78
plarkin1@cox.net computer prog Doral Data Center
Carole Larned (Keller) 68-76 technocats@comcast.net FltATT MIA
Alejo N. Larocca 87-91 tangoman@ciudad.com F/A BOS-NYC-MIA
 La Rocca, Gerry 67-91 lgerrythegreat@cs.com Crew Sched.-F/A JFK/DCA/MIA
Jeff LaRotonda (80-88) amhvac@hotmail.com A&P Mech MIA,ATL
Bill Larson 63-89 BLarson565@aol.com Pilot DCA, ORD, JFK, ATL
Larson, Gary H. (59-88) Norski@gglbs.com superviser OMA
Teresita Larraz (Diaz) (76-91) TLarraz@aol.com RR/TA WDB, MIA, IAH,EWR, ATL & MSY
VJ "JIMMY" LaShan 55-83 jimmylashan@hotmail.com FACILITIES ENG MIA
David Laskey (79-89) dlaskey@compuserve.com Pilot ATL
Jon Lastra (77-89) jlastra@mindspring.com Res, Cust Svc Mgr CLTRR/MCI/LAX
Bill Lateulere 64-91 blateulere@aol.com Station Magr TLH
Tamara Lateulere 87-89 tmillitzer67@msn.com F/A DCA
Robin Latta 77-87 robinbenito@comcast.net F/A SJU/EWR
Lou Lauria 71-91 18wheeler@attglobal.net Pilot MIA
Sal LaValle (Flicker) 87-91 RavingReds2@aol.com Ramp/Bldg. Maint. Mgr. LGA
Dominick LaVarco 77-91
DLavarco@gmail.com Res/System One WDBRR
 Ken Law 79-91 ann_ken@bellsouth.net stn mgr. mlb
 Edwin Lawrence 72-79 elawr4321@bellsouth.net RES, Cargo ATL
Doreen Lawrence 84-90 dorlawrence@gmail.com F/A,INST,Spvr MIA
 Edwin Lawrence 72-79 elawr4321@bellsouth.net ATL ATLRR/ATLFS
Enid Laws 59-85 enidlaws@webtv.org airport tpa
Cheryl Lawson 78-89 csfurlong@earthlink.net ramp agent, f/a gsp,dca,phx,atl,mia
Capt. Jim Lawson 57-86 sonlaw2@earthlink.net Pilot mia,atl,mco,ny
Bob Layland 67-91 bobalou85@aol.com Q-lity Assurance MIA
Louise (Lou) Layland 72-87 louise.layland@worldspan.com Res/Computr Pr. MIA
 laura layton 76-91 lyt281@aol.com F/A EWR
 lottie j leach 67-89 lottiel@mtstravel.com RES/SPVR B CONCOURSE ATL
Ken Leahy 64 - end kleahy15@msn.com Res. / Emp. Rel. CHIRR

 Derrick Lee 84-89 dlee5000@bellsouth.net ramp svcs ATL
Jess H. Lee 68-91 leakyhuff1@bellsouth.net cust svc bhm
john lee 73-91 yoda62@racsa.co.cr avionics forman atl
J.R. Lee 43-87 robert@southsideseafood.com CSR ATL
Robert W. Lee (80-89) robert@southsideseafood.com Ramp ATL/MIA
William H. Leech,JR 79-89 TRNSPRTPLTUAL@aol.com Pilot MIA/ATL
Morris Legg (80-83)
mblegg@bellsouth.net Supv Aircraft Svcs Mia
Ray Leiby 64-89 rnjlby@ptd.net Pilot NYC/PHL
Ed (Fast) Leipman (67-end) fax59@att,net Air Fregt Ramp srvc MIA
Sarah Lemieux-Palmer70-89 lemieuxs@bellsouth.net Res/Vac Plan ATLRR
Barbara Lenhart 67-90 brooklynbl11@comcast.net res/psgr svcs NYC/MIA/FLL/WDB/SFO
 Peggy Lenson 68-88 pegs@sciti.com flight attendant mia
Carolyn Lentz (56-61) CLMoscou@AOLCom Flight attendant CHI NYC
JAMES LEON (72-91) PERUANOSOY@AOL.COM flight att. Mia/Dca
 Deen Leonard 73-end
deen@wildblue.net F/A BOS
Janet Quinn Leonard 69-88 jml@jagat.com res WDBRR
Mara Leonard (71-89) leonard4@aol.com Marketing Miami
 Sandy Leonard 77-91 sandypuch@aol.com Sec.Agent GSP-TYS-GNV
Sandra Lenoir (Shackelford) 65-76 slshackel@aol.com Ticket Counter/CTO NYC/ATL/MOB
Peggy Lenson 68-88 pegs1948@gmail.com F/A MIA
Kathleen Lerner 68-88 bviger10@bellsouth.net Flight Attendant ATL
Betty Ann Lesko (83-91) djba68@yahoo.com Sales MIA
Marion(Susie Isleb)Leslie 69-70 john.leslie@mcleodusa.net F/A ORD
Pam Lester 78-88 pjhart@usa.net cust svc MIA/GNV/JAX/MCO
Tom Levely 68-89 tflevely@hotmail.com Pilot DCA
 Kevin Levengood 78-89 levengood4@peoplepc.com HR&Airport Ops DCA, BWI, MIA,,BDL
Martin Levy 73-89 martinstevens@adelphia.net Pilot JFK
 Sam Levy (62-89) samtheman203@msn.com Gnd Comm JFK
Ray Lewandowski 66-91 Capt.Ray@comcast.net Pilot ORD/ATL
Barbara Lewis 58-91 bjlewisrk@aol.com F/A DCA
Janie Lewis 69-77
janies@thegateway.net Flight Attendant MIA, ATL
 Tim Leyden 88-89 tleyde@coair.com C South ATL ATL
Liz Leyva (79-87) lizleyva@aol.com RES, INTL ARPT AGT MIA
 Dirk Lienemann 86-88 dirksyanks@msn.com Chief Agent Gates LGA
 Linda Liles 67-68 marblecarver@aol.com stewardess LGA/JFK/EWR

Glenda Lillie 89-91
dfw_flying@yahoo.com f/A mia
LiMARZI, RONALD(64-83) ronaldlimarzi@yahoo.com PURCHASING MIA / ATL
Brenda Lima 88-1990 bmattessich@hotmail.com Flight Att./Supv lga
Lee Ann Limp  77-88 laropes@aol.com Flt Att EWR/MIA
 Howard Linabury 49-75 linabury6782@bellsouth.net PILOT MIA

 Brian Linden  65-END

rlnthndr@gmail.com Pilot ATL ORD
Richard Lindgren (68-74) rijlindgren@mpinet.net Consumer Affairs MIA
 A. Louise Lindke 78-91 Lyoga5@aol.com F/A Atl
Susan Lindsay 70-89 src7@comcast.net Flight attendant MIA
Sherry Lindsay 79-90 salindsay57@yahoo.com FLL AGT/MIALZ ADMINISTRATOR FLLLL/MIALZ
 Thomas Lindsay (72-91) TK_Lindsay@comcast.net F/A ORD - MIA
Harry Lindquist 66-74 harrylindquist@hotmail.com agt/crew sched HSV/ATL
Carmela Soria (Lipari) 74-89 Carmela.soria@haygroup.com


 George Lipp 76-the end moelipp@aol.com Doral SystemOne MIA
HAROLD LITTLE (57-89) hlsl50@aol.com LEAD MECH MIA
Lynne Little Jumper77-88 lynne.jumper@gmail.com CLTRR/CAEOO CLT CAE
 Valerie Little 1971-1986 Mispaisley @aol.com Secretary/Agent BOS
 John Littlefield 67-87 John@comeflywithme.org Pilot Bos-Mia-LGA
John Litzenberger (64-89) johnlitz@worldnet.att.net Pilot NY-DCA-ATL
Jay Livesey (89 - 91) jljr4601@comcast.net Flight Attendant DCA
 marie livingston 59-62 mariepa@yellowbananas.com f/A DCA
 Susie Livingston Barker 73-90 susanatmyhouse@gmail.com
carlos llano 74-88 carlos@llanophotography.com heavy 691 mia

Kathy Lloyd 82-91
lloydka@aol.com reservations mia
Heber "Hip" Lloyd (37 -68) douglas.lloyd@home.com F/A to Stat Mgr BDL
Karen (Loftin) Tellefsen 75-86 kmtellie@yahoo.com FA mia/atl/LGA Shuttle
RAY LOGUE 60=91 loguerc@aol.com supv/agt cmh
Don Lohr (67-91) dfltil@bellsouth.net advertising cmh stl mia
Susan Lombard-McPhail 71-89 McPhail903@aol.com Flight Attendant boston
Ralph Clay Longanecker(86-89) ralphclayl@yahoo.com Interline Accts Dept Miami
 Bill Lonergan 72-89 blonergan@ohare.com ramp svc BOS, LAX, ORD
Kathy (Ludwig) Lombardo 68-87 kathy.lombardo@worldspan.com Res/Mktg Training Oakbrook/Miami
Bill Long 69/89
billlong123@comcast.net Ramp Services PHL/MIA/PHL
 Cindy Longlott85-90 wineforcindy@hotmail.com F/A /supervisor DCA
Alan Loper 84-91 groundballouts@aol.com f/A ATL
Carmen Lopez-Calleja (71-91) miaug@iberia.com Marketing Miami
Brenda Lopez (84-91) haydeevk@yahoo.com flight attendant jfk
Cris M. Lopez  cris.lopez@eds.com  Marketing  Miami
Jose LOPEZ (Lopito)68-89 LOPE980@BELLSOUTH.NET lead mech mia
Luis Lopez 81-89 aua3@aol.com Ramp Svc JFK
Manuel Lopez (84-91) mvlopez1@email.com Res TPARR
Sharon Lopez (87-90) Slopez8310@AOL.com Res Miami
Sylvia Lopez 78-88 csuhrig@aol.com res,sales MIA


 Viviam Lopez 79-89 VivloC@aol.com
Accounting mia
Charles B. Loraine Sr.86-91 c.loraine@worldnet.att.net Senior Mechanic SAV/ MIA
Bob Loranger 70-89 bob.loranger@comcast.net Pilot BOS
Marc Loren (78-89) tmailto:transglobal@aol.com FA EWR/BOS
albert lortie 78-89
alortie@live.com a/c refueler LGA/JFK
victor losas jr. (85-89) viclos@aol.com ramp service miami
Karina Losito 67-91 macphail.roderick@pbgc.gov cust svc. DCA
 Allison Lott 72-end iflyalottt@verizon.net f/a Dca, Atl
Tom Lott (49-85) Tomlott@webtv.net Mech-Pilot MIA-NY
 Debby S Lovas 72-89 lovasdb1@msn.com RES/VP/GRPS wdbrr
Jo Reta Love(Vansickle)58-61 vansickl@earthlink.net F/A NYC-ATL-CLT
John Lovelace(82-87) Jdlove22@cs.com Customer Service TYS
Jim Lovvorn 76-85 flovvorn@comcast,net Station Mgr ord/sea/lax/iah/aux
A. Mark Lowdermilk (89-91) pasaml@citynet.net Pilot DCA
ED LOWMAN (63-74) ealtrains@aol.com res/custsvc clt/tpa/srq/dca/atl
Robert Lowry 67-91 rlowry3@comcast.net DP/System One MIA
Dee Lozito-Klimar (85-91) dklimar@suffolk.lib.ny.us F/A MIA,JFK,ATL
lisa ann lapos (88-91) lisalapos@hotmail.com F/A ewr/lga
Karl Lonieski 72-91 ottlane@optonline.net Agent/Mgr LGA
 Arelis Lucas 84-89 bonillaFL@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
Elizabeth Lucas 51-59
Flight Attendant  MDW (Chicago)

John D. Lucas 80-89
jdlucas@bellsouth.net Mechanic Miami
Rose Ludwick 55-60 rosel2@mindspring.com res DCA-ATL
Carmen Lugo (70-91) lucky1mp@aol.com Ticket Counter Mia.
 Lauren Luongo 77-91 Laurengg24@aol.com F/A JFK
Joyce Luscher Stemper68-91 stemperjl@inpo.org F/A MIA/ATL
Ray Lyden 69-89 rlyden@aol.com Aircraft Mech MIA
 Tom Lydon 64-91 tlydon44@gmail.com Res & Sls/Svc Mgr CHIRR/ORDSM
Jerald Lyon (66-88) jerry@jplfinancial.com Pilot ATL-MIA-IAH
Joseph G. Lynch (55-88)  jgl1@gateway.net Marketing & SystemOne MIA
Tom Lynch 65-85  TLYNCH1@ATT.NET sta mgr PHL/EWR/JFK/SEA/JFK

Rollie Lyson 67-87
rlyson@msn.com C/S Mgr/Stn Mgr SEA/PHX/ELP/JFK

 Employees M -S Below



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Employee Names M - S

 Peggy McAndrew 79-91 pegletmc@earthlink.net arpt agt/res chirr,tulf,rswf,tparr
MaryLou Nussbaum MacLeod(67-91) awmacleod@aol.com sta mgr cltrr/bos/iad/dca/syr/lga
Curtis McBarnette (79-89) vqpilot@aol.com Pilot ATL/NYC/MIA/ATL
 Ted McCarter (aka-JR) 68-89 tedmccarter01@msn.com agnet/ramp clt/atl/dca/cae/rdu/tpa
 Patty McCormick 62-74 sotopat@bellsouth.net PaxSvc//PPS SJU
Donna M. McDaniel(Finch) 69-91 donnamcd2@yahoo.com F/A ATL
Ed MacDonald (53-64) kr01a@aol.com OPNS&DATA CTRS PHL,ACF,NYC
Gerry MacDonald 73-85 germac@ij.net Pilot JFK/MIA
Jim MacDonald 85-91 cjmacky@aol.com Chief Skycap FLL
Kenneth A. Mac Donald,Sr 72-89 stargazer.27@verizon.net Ramp Svc PHL
Marcia MacFarland 78-89 macfarland2000@cs.com res ATL
T0M MCGILL 72-89 t.mcgill6@comcast.net Pilot NY-PHL-ATL
 Ken MacGillivary 79 - 89 kmacdca@aol.com Ramp Svc/Supv. ATL
Anita R. MacMichael AnitaMacMichael@webtv.net Res agent,Sales Rep NYC/N.J.
Carol MacMillan (Guerra) 71--91 macleod@tcnj.edu Flight Attendant JFK- EWR
Billie MacNeill 67-86 bmacneill@us.amadeus.net res MIA, WDB
Phil McAtee (61-65) pmcatee@csi.com Res Service MIA
 w a mcbeath Macklinda@mcloudteleco.com   mia sdf hou
mike mccabe (89-91) mike@advantagetravelinc.com ramp agt alb
 Fran McBride 79-89 FranJanMcBride@aol.com Flight Operations JFK/LGA/EWR
John T. McCann 73-89 Foxes39@aol.com Pilot JFK
Robin McClary (66-88) rufinkle@email.msn.com pilot atl,jfk,phl
David V. McClellan(66-87) forefox@mchsi.com Pilot MIA
George McCament 66-89 GeorgeRMcC@aol.com pilot Jfk,mia,bos,mco, tpa
 Celeste Williams McCarty 83-91 celwilliams@swbell.net  F/A ATL
RON McCARTY (89-91) vembermember@msn.com F/A ATL
Marie McClure 65-69 marief@bellsouth.net houres/msytkt HOU/MSY
 Belinda McCormick 88-90 belhar62@yahoo.com F/A LGA/ATL
Ginny Harrison McCormick 67-92 pghgin@hotmail.com Flight Attendant JFK/LGA
Patty McCormick 63-74   PaxSvc/Gate/PPS SJU
Ross McCort 56-89 mccortsands@aol.com Pilot NY-ATL-MIA
 Betty McConnell Spafford 67-86 Bmwestid@peoplepc.com Flight Attendant NYC & ATL
 John McConnell 68-91 duanederbyd@COMCAST.NET Ramp serv DCA
Tim McConnell 88-91 tangoinparis@hotmail.com pilot atl
Anne V. McConomy 77-79 avmccono@lancastergeneral.org f/A Newwark
Ginny Harrison McCormick 67-92 pghgin@hotmail.com Flight att jfk/lga/bos
Patty McCormick 62-74 sotopat@aug.com PaxSvc/Gates/PPS SJU
John N.McCracken 56-86 n4497@aol.com FE&CAPT JFK/ATL
Georga McCray Windsor 59/88 leogeorga@aol.com res agent RIC/CLT/MIA

Margaret McCray Robertson 58-62
mrobert226@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA/ATL
Tony McCue 89-91 coachtony@carolina.rr.com ramp RDU/LAX/ATL
Steve McDermod 84-90 steviemcd@aol.com F/A BOS
Mark McDermott 79-83 airbusmech1@yahoo.com A & P Mechanic ATL
Mary McDonald Frazier 64-91 mfrazier7@tampabay.rr.com F/A DCA/EWR
 S.S. McDonald 67-86 Navy65@alltel.net Pilot MIA ATL NY PHL
jim mcdougall 71-89 bohicathree@hotmail.com ramp svc buf
John McElhaney 52-91 Captjohnmc@aol.com Pilot NY-MSY-ATL
Charles E. McElroy (54-85) macam5185@cs.com Pilot EWR
 J. DAVID McEVILLY 78-87 jdmcevilly@att.net

RBMCTBAA@YAHOO.COM station agt, supv MDT
BIG ZENA McFadden 86-92 ZenaMcFadden@hotmail.com baggage handler Newark
Theresa Bell (McDonald) (80-91) tbell710@yahoo.com  flight attendant mia
Don McGahee (65-86) dmhkr@aol.com Sales & Svce MIA
Mary Ellen McGee 89-91 Mejayroe@yahoo.com
Tom McGibbons 87/91 tmcgibbons@hotmail.com Foreman Hvy Mtce MIA
Elaina McGill (90-91) motrnsplnt@postnet.com res agnt slc
 Tom McGlynn 75-91 flugbegleiter75@att.net F/A JFK/SJU
Lynda McGlothlin 70-79 jupiterlynda@hotmail.com F/A ATL, JFK, ORD
Joan McGonagle 75-89 JMcGonagle@lawyersweekly.com res BOS
Madge Humphrey McGoorty 56/60 mmcgoo@wowway.com Res/FA DTW/BOS/MIA
 Debbie McGrath 83-88 debbieolson57@hotmail.com Flight Attendant JFK/ATL
Jack McGrath 67-89 jackmcgrath@hortmanaviation.com Gate Agent PHL
Rick McGraw (72-91) RAMcGRAW@aol.com Flight Attendant  
Linda McGurin (Gerome)(79-86) U-Flygirl@mediaone.net Flight Attendant LGA/BOS
Daniel McKaily 86-91 D.McKaily@aol.com Pilot NYC
Billy L. McKay 52/86 billy4usc@gmail.com CSA FLO/CAE
 L. Nelson McKeel 69-91 Kristibhamrealtor@yahoo.com Pilot ATL/HOU
Karen McKenna 83-89 mckenna423@yahoo.com F/a NYC/MIA
Bron McKenzie 79-89 Bronwen.McKenzie@aa.com F/A, F/A Sup EWR/BOS
Hazelin McKenzie Williams
info@hazelinwilliams.com Flight Attendant JFK, ATL
Anne McKeown 66-91 atkama@hotmail.com sales rep PHL
STEVE McKeon (77-89) MRRUNUP@aol.com 691 MIA
William J. McKeown 61-75 Dadmck@AOL.com Facilities & Eq. MIA
 Gina McKinney 74-91 gina@georgiabeautypageants.com F/A ATL
Mark Mckinney 87 -89 markamckinney2002@yahoo.com F/A DC
Kathy Mcknight Bergen 73-82 kathyb152@aol.com res WDBRR
 Pat McKnight 67-end patmack42@aol.com Accounting DCA
John McLaughlin (79-89) JackJeri@aol.com F/O Mia/FLL
John McLaughlin 73 - 88 ancientbnd@aol.com Stn Mgr/Psgr Srvc EWR/FPO/ORF/ATL/MIA
Beverley McLean (Wimberly)67-89  Bevsts@comcast.net  F/A  BOS
 Linda McLeod 60-64 jerrynlinda@281.com F/A-ATL Ticket Ctr MIA/ATL/IDL
Patricia McLoughlin 76-90 pattymclo@aol.com rev.acct/reservations Miami
 John (Jack) McManus 65-85 vmcmanus@mail.co.nassau.ny.us Cargo (hanger 9) JFK
Dennis McMillen 66-89 dcmb744@yahoo.com Pilot jkf/iah/atl
Harold J. McMillan 72-90 hjm@ARINC.COM ground comm JFK
Jim McMillan (67-88) jmcmillan5818@aol.com Psgr Svc mia/fll/tys/mci/tpa
 Brian McMurray 82-87 b22m22@yahoo.com Cust SVC TYS
 Susan McMurray (72-91) mcmurraysi@aol.com execs CLT/ATL
Steve McNeil 76-86 steve@mcneil.net f/A MIA
Jutin McNeill III    (66-91) tartan34@erols.com Pilot DCA
MadelineMcNicholas/Berg 66-85 mcmad129@hotmail.com res CHI
Linda McPhillips 67-91 avial3@aol.com flight att DCA/ATL
Dianne McQuarrie 70-76 mcquarrie@sbcglobal.net System One MIA
 Michael McQueeney 63-Close mmcquee@comcast.net Air Freight Bos/Atl
 Tim McQuide 78-89 tfmsfo@hotmail.com F/A Crew Sked MIA
Tammie McSwain 78-89 Tammie.McSwain@yellowcorp.com  RES CLT
Richard C. McWilliams (Mac)(44-85) Bobda467@cs.com ead- ramp service ATL
Brian Maciaszek 89-91 Brian@Maciaszek.com Flight Attendant ATL
 Marci Mackinson 77-86 myoungm@localnet.com Flight Attendant DCA
Klaus Macon 69-87 kjm66@bellsouth.net res/sys1 wdbrr,cltrr,slcrr,mia
E.K. MADDOX 56-86  kingkooker@comcast.net RSM-OP-GATE TKT AGENT SAT/IAH
 Janet Madarasz 65 ~91 chinamagicjm@knology.net F/A/Trng Inst/Supv Bos/Ord/Mia/Atl
 Colleen (Koob) Magur 79-91 colleenmagur@hotmail.com F/A ewr,jfk-lga,atl
JOAN MAHANEY BABCOCK 73-91 jjjj70@bellsouth.net F/A MIA
Catherine Mancuso 69-73 cmnorton@bellsouth.net F/A ATL
Linda Marcrum 68-91 linriver@aol.com f/A ATL
George Marxmiller 70-89 crzygeo41@aol.com Pilot Atl
Mike Magnus 78-88 mike.magnus@bellsouth.com crew sched Atlanta
Peggy Maher 67-69 PeggyMaher@starband.net Flight Attendant Atl
frank majors 68/89 captmajors@yahoo.com h/m dpt/691 MIA
David Maile 79-91 DMaile@Prodigy.net Agent GNV/RSW
Laura Malcom 75-85 dmalcom10@aol.com FA ATL
Maureen Maillet (78-89) Slowmo00@aol.com CSR WDBRR/LAS/DCA
rick mallory (85-86) mallorys@frontiernet.net RAMP SERV mci
Sharon Maley 78-89 alohagirl728@yahoo.com customer service phl
 Kim Malloy Aiello 79-87 KAFirm01@wowway.com F/A ATL
Teresa Malok Londino(77-91) TML2003@embarqmail.com RES/TKT/DEP WDB/SLC/LGA/JFK/EWR
 Dennis Malone 64-70 dpmalone40@verizon.net Ramp Agent, Sys. Analyst IDL,CLT
 Steven Malone 68-91 MachMalon@aol.com Pilot NY,ATL,MIA
Marie Maloney 76-91 mmc1254@bellsouth.net F/A, Mgr JFK/LGA
 Susan Malkiewicz 70-89 smm0828@aol.com res wdbrr
Josephine Mancino Toye 67-87 jmtoye@msn.com res/tkt WDBRR/NYCTO
 Joe Mancuso 60-End joman@highstream.net MGRLGA  
Cindy Mangum (69-87) CMangum@jgr18.com Res,Rate Desk,Teleticket,Tkt Ctr CLTRR, DCAF
 John Maniscalco 80-end themans@bellsouth.net ramp svc MIA
Jacki Manley 79-91 Scarlt1303@aol.com Res/Control Center MIA/ATL
Jean Manley 69-'87 GeorgiaJeanie@aol.com Admin/res MIA & ATL
 Diane McGee (Mann) 72-76 dmm1126@aol.com Flight Attendant EWR
Greg Mann 72-89 gmann0@hotmail.com A&P line mech LGA/PHL
Dave Mann 72 - 77 david.mann@aa.com agent IND
Mike Mann (69-82) mannmk@cs.com Sales & Services CLT/OMA/STL
Al Manning 48-86 amanning17@juno.com C/A Cust. Svcs ROA-PBI-VRB-ROA-ATL

   Dean Manning    82-83

themannings@bellsouth.net sys one MIa
Andres Mantilla 83-88 amantilla_2001@yahoo.com SALES/ SYSTEM ONE UIO
Lynette Marable (78-87) zlwmara@aol.com res chi/clt
Marcia(Maramaldi)Gipson 79-87 marciagipson@aol.com res  BOS, MIA
 Susan Marcinek 78-91 blondesoprano@aol.com F/a ORD
 a.h..buddy marcnbanks 72-89 ahbebo1@dellepro.com mech.691.693,593 mia,atl.clt.iah
Ivis Marcos 83-91 ivismarcos@gmail.com F/A MIAMI
Linda Marcrum    68-91  linriver@aol.com f/a atl
 Clifford Marek 66-89 cliffordmarek@comcast.net Pilot JFK,DCA,ATL,MIA,PHL
 Louis Marinaccio 76-88 lmarinaccio@carolina.rr.com line maint LGA
Ozzie Marino 72-80 omarino@bellsouth.net flight att SJU - EWR
steve marino (88-99) astmarino@cs.com pilot JFK
Katherine A. Maris(86-) jfskam@msn.com Flight Attendant ATL
Art Mark 68-88 aemark@yahoo.com FSched ord/atl/mia
 John Mark 66-77 johnb727@yahoo.com Economic Planning MIA
Bob Marken 63-89 bob@taildraggers.com Pilot ATL/JFK
Jeff Marken 81-89 jeff@taildraggers.com res ATLRR
 Kevin Markey 77-89 mar1key@aol.com   MIA
Barbara Marks 72-89 babsflygirl1@bellsouth.net F/A MIA
Nancy Marks-Jungemann  68-90 nancyj@npgcable.com SystemOne MIA
Mark Marlowe 70-89 marlowemark@bellsouth.net Pilot ATL
 Steve Marlow 85-90 onemarlow@charter.net Quality ATL
Josee Marquis (72-91) jmarquis@gtstravel.com Res-Airport Montreal
Alix M Marr 69-----the end prettynewgirl@msn.com F/A JFK/ATL/DCA
 Laurie Marr 72-89 laurie.marr@yahoo.com F/A BOS-SJU-BOS
George Marr (65-74) gmarr@ix.net.nz Crew Sched JFK
 Bill Marrs 59-End bmarrs37@insightbb.com Agt,Supvr,Mgr BPT,STL,ORD,ATL,TUL,PHX
Lori Marsh (76-90) LJA614@aol.com Departure Service ATL
Kent Marshall 67-91 kmarshall@city.suffolk.va.us Operations ORF-MIA-RIC
Orville Marshall(O.T)68-87 Omars67236@aol.com AGENT/RAMP DAL/DFW/ATL
 Sandy Marshall 80-86 highvalleyprincess@cox.net F/A SanJuan,ATL,NYC
hal marshman, sr. (57-89) p-47fan@worldnet.att.net bosff bos
 Bob Marten 75-91 bearnshorty05@yahoo.com F/a BOS, MIA, ATL
 Bob Martin 75-91 flyboi05@go.com F/A ATL, BOS
Charlie Martin (81-91) charles_martin@embarqmail.com ComputerScience MIA
Chris Martin(78-91) cemarti5151@yahoo.com airport/res/internatl phl,bos,slc,mia,gig
Karyle Rodenbeck Martin (68-91)  kdr007@aol.com F/A MIA
 Hal Martn 70-89 hmartin07@aol.com cust svc DAB,MCO,PIT,EVV,RIC,ATL
Harvey Martin  (60-89)  h.l.martin@worldnet.att.net  Ground Communications MIA-ATL 
Henry Martin 68-73 yakbalam@gua.net MIA  
Russ Martin (67-89) rcmartin@fedex.com A/C Mechanic MIA/ATL
Sidney J Martin 63-88 slance@salsgiver.com Pilot MIA/IAH
Susie Martin 64-65 spenvose1@yahoo.com F/A MIA
 J.W.(JIM) Martin 49-86 jmar29@bellsouth.net F/A and Scheduler ATL
Judy Martinelli (68-81) Judy.x.martinelli@healthpartners.com Flight Attendant BOS
Dori Martinetti 76-89 Dorianne57@aol.com Air Freight, Res, SysOne MIA
 Anna Martinez/Wright 84-87 Clover310@juno.com
Carole Martinez-Fonts 69-91 csmf@msn.com Flight Attendant MIA
h.martinez airlftr@yahoo.com acft maintenance SJU
Jorge Martinez  (78-89)  Jocofen@aol.com A&P Bay  50 Mia
Jose M Martinez 73-88 anchorboats@yahoo.com Pilot MIA/IAH/LGA
Kelvin F. Martinez(74-91)  Kmartstar@aol.com TPARR SJU, OMA, TPA
 Dalia Martinez Menendez
goldenbridge108@juno.com FLT ATTENDANT  MIA-SJ
 tony martino 69-89 tonymartino@bellsouth.net ramp and cargo agent JFK/LGA
Joyce Martis (House) (78-88  ) jmar522@aol.com  Res WDB
 Lorraine Marusiefski 77-89 lorrainm@aol.com flight attendant ewr
Glenn Maschmidt (58 - ) GlennKathleenM@netscape.com cargo/ramp stl 
Linda Hoffman Masdon(66-91) gmasdon@mail3.newnanutilities.org TktCtr/Systemone Atl/Mia
 Michele Mason 75-91 mmarino318@yahoo.com Flight Attendant JFK/EWR
Nancy Olson Mason (67-85) nomason@hotmail.com F/A Mia / Ord
Robert L. Mason(60-80)  david go one@hot mail.comm co pilot  kennedale 
Shirley Mason (55 - 58) slarsen22@aol.com Flight Att -Res Agent  BHM,MIA,KDY
 Gene Massung 56-91 gene1dk@aol.com Pilot MIA/JFK/ATL
 Trudy Masterpaul 79-91 Trudycol@yahoo.com res WDBrr / TPArr
john matera 61-91 JMATERA37@AOL.COM mechanic EWR
Frank P. Masters (61-84)  frankmasters@bellsouth.net Fuel-mia-Rs Mia Pbi-
frank masters jr. 72-89 frankmasters54@yahoo.com a/c services MIA
Jim Masucci(69-'87) jmasucci@cfl.rr.com A&P Mech.JT8 Pplants MIA
Gaye Taylor Mathiason 65-end gaye01@bellsouth.net   CLT,GSP,TPA
 DOUG MATHIS 69-87 ButterFly1054@wmconnect.com INTL. FREIGHT ATL
Ron Matney 79-91 rxntx2g3@yahoo.com ATOAgent, System One LGA,MIA
Janet Matulevich 72-88 e21k@aol.com Resevations WDBRR
Ray Matusewic (65-91) RMatuse@aol.com Stores Supervisor EWR
Joe Matthes 68-75 customavi@aol.com stores MIA
 Donilee Matthews 69-76 DoniMatt@aol.com res SEA/LAX
Joe Matthews 68-75 customavi@gateway.net stores mia
Pat Matthews (69-89) Pattim1814@aol.com Res WDBRR
Patricia Matthews 69-91 Patricia_Matthews@vmed.org

 Todd Mathews 85-91 todd@aircraftseatbelts.com Skycap FLL
Michelle Mattia 81-91 michelle.mattia@gartner.com In-Flight/Psgr Svc JFK/LGA/MIA
 Joe Mattie 79-87 worcesterjam@msn.com A&P Mech MIA/BOS
joe mattingly sr(63-89) joemindaa@aol.com AIR FRT SDF/MIA/FLL
joe mattingly jr. joemindaa@aol.com Line Ramp MIA
 Andy Mawn 59-89 andymawn@comcast.net heavy maint YUL & BOS
Francis Maxwell (52-83) mikey@okeechobee.com Lead Ramp Service BOS_MIA PBI
 Kathy Maxwell 72-end Maxwellk@slu.edu F/A JFK/EWR
Bob May 64-end  bmayb@cox.net Agent DCA/RDU
Maureen May(68-END) MoMay412@aol.com F/A MIA/JFK
Charles H. Maynard 85-90 Chazmaynard@aol.com Pilot JFK/ATL
Linda Mayo (76-91) lindaklord@aol.com Agent DCA
Lucille Mazewski 76-91 jamspop1@aol.com res/gate WDB / EWR
Jim Mazzarese   (67-91)  mazz110244@yahoo.com Crew Sched, Allocations JFK  MIA
 M.D.(doc) 56--87 murlew3@aol.com ramp/air freight ATL
 Abby S. Mead 75/91 Asmead@aol.com F/A EWR/ATL
Jeff Meadows (78-90) jmea55@aol.com Agent/Trainer ATL/SAV/ORF/PHL
Ron Meadows 89-91 meadows716@aol.com REZ TPA
 Forest-Mercure Michèle 59-76 micheforest@hotmail.com F/A Miami
 sylvia miholancan nordheim 62-64 rwnalphatango@earthlink.net stewardess mia/atl
Barbara Mehr (79-89) Irish92106@aol.com Passenger Svc. LGA,JFK,ISP
Tim Meinert 85-88 Timsworldatl@aol.com F/A DCA
 Kerry Meissner 73-75 km175@aol.com CHIRR chi
Carmen(Carmin)Melendez 65-91 Carmindolores17@aol.com Res-Group Desk SJURR/TPARR
Elisa M. Melendez 90-91 egarcia@mohg.com consumer affairs MIA
George Mella(79-89) Georgemella@hotmail.com 656 MIA
Doris E. Mello '58 Justdoe@webtv.net F/A Midway
bill "zip" melton 65-89 zipmelton@charter.net ramp service ATL
 Nicholas Melucci 57-91 bestdelivery@cox.net cust svc PVD
Mary Mendes 81-83 exflygal@yahoo.com Flight Attendant BOS
Julio Menendez (85-87) jmend038@aol.com A&P Mech Dept 593 Mia
 Catherine Menton-Snow 76-89 catherineasnow@comcast.net Flight Attendant JFK
tony mennite (67-89) tony2fla@hotmail.co ramp mco/mia
 Robert Menno 81 -91 bufbob1031@aol.com Gate Agent MIA
Lori Menzione 85-88 L.menzione@comcast.net res CHIRR
 Janet (Mills) Merten 66-68
janetmerten@sbcglobal.net F/A MIA
C.J. MESSER 80-89 cm32257@aol.com overhaul mia
Diane  Henderson Smith Messner(64-67) dianemessner@email.com F/A DCA
Ira A. Messer 72-83 ira_messer@hotmail.com System One mia
Carl (C.J.) Messer cm322572000@yahoo.com
miamm Mia
Larry Metzger 72-89 larrysteve@aol.com agent BWI-LAX
Arma Merediz (72-87) AIM887@AOL.COM RES WDB/SJU/MIA
 Dick Merz 57-90 ealret@optonline.net Custbsvc/Cargo JFK/NYC/LGA
N.R"Skip"Meyer78-89 SM4U@aol.com Avionics/Inst. Tech MIA
Nancy Michel 58-63 nmichel@tampabay.rr.com stewardess Atlanta
Ed Micheli 65-89 edmicheli@yahoo.com Pilot ATL
Jane Norris Miceli 66-79 Encore2999@aol.com F/A NY-ATL-BOS
Charles R. Mihaly 70-89 chazual1@aol.com A & P Mechanic MIA jfk atl PIT CLE
Sandy Mihovich 85-89 salnesta@comcast.net F/A-Inflight Supv DCA/EWR
matt mikhitarian 87-91 desiree78us@yahoo.com chief agent alb-sav
 Fran Miklinski 72/91 franikay@aol.com chief agent BUF/SRQ
Ann Milano (78-89) baci@mindspring.com F/A NYC/ATL/MIA
John D Miles Sr (56-86) nmal160@home.com Agent,Ding srvc spec CAE,CLT,PHL
Don Millard Jr. 78-83 don_millard@hotmail.com Ramp Svc PHL/EWR/BWI
Adrienne Miller (78-91) ab.miller@lycos.com TKT, GATES, RES, CTO ATL, RSW
Barbara (Miller) Sullivan 62-74 sully1042@aol.com F/A B
 A. (Gus) Miller 57-87 amiller201@cfl.rr.com agent Baltimore
Bob Miller 57-62 millerjbob@msn.com F/E JFK/ATL
 Harold Miller 66-89 harold.miller@aa.com Flt Simulation MIA
J.A.L."Jim"Miller Jr (65-71) focusoninfinity@hotmail.com Ramp Service/Fueler RDU
 JERRY MILLER 67-89 jtmiller721@aol.com RR,FF,RATES,EXECS CLT
John F Miller 64-88 mill2101@amtrak.com MANAGER ORD/CHIRR
John A. Miller 69-78 cinnameg17@yahoo.com Transportation MIA
june miller (72-89) jmiller@bkwlaw.com reservations cltrr
marshall miller (80-89) ppmill@bellsouth.net rampservice atl
MarilynMiller Harvey 68/88 marilyn277@aol.com F/A Mia/Atl
 Paula Miller-Sorrento 84-91 psorrento@tampabay.rr.com Flight Attendant ATL
RICKY MILLER 84-89 miller-tyme@dellepro.com RAMP SERVICE JFK
Ricky Miller 63-89 richmill1000@webtv.net lead Rampservice LGA
 Suzanne Miller 86-88 sscgoins@joimail.com F/A ATL
Tom Miller 77-89 tomamiller@comporium.net Res/Rates/Training CLTRR
Liz Mills Chase 67-76 puzekat@bellsouth.net admin asst MIA
Marsha Mills (Ahearn) 72-83 mpahearn@yahoo.com F/A BOS
 Jan Milone 22 yrs jmilone@courts.state.ny.us F/A JFK
julie slager mims (71-80) julie@justtherightcruise.com cto and gates atl
 Steven Minarik 84-89 Shake1011@Earthlink.net Pilot ATL
Steve Mineck (79-89) smineck@yahoo.com Flight Dispatch/System Control MIADD
Janet Minehan 73-strike janetminehan@gmail.com
Linda MinerchcakWilliams(72-88) Kiwileggs@aol.com Reservations WDBRR
STEVE MION 80-89 brokedc10@aol.com A AND P MECH MIAMI
ANA ROSA MIRANDA-CARMINE 69-end ana_rosa1016@hotmail.com F/A SJU,JFK,EWR,MIA
Zuli Miranda 82-89 MZMiranda1@aol.com Cust. Svc. IPS/ IAB MIA
 Paul Misencik 67-91 misencp@ntsb.gov Pilot DCA
 Ed Miskotten 62-91 miskotte@bellsouth.net Pilot ATL
Valerie Missar 69-88 valerieann650@hotmail.com
RES Chirr

Tina Mistrot 58-60
tinabayne@aol.com F/A MIA
Cyndy Mitchell Nicholson75/99 Moonbeem)@a9o.com Flight Attendant MIA
Earle Mitchell 68-75 emmitch@earthlink.net Computer Center CLT
 Larry and Edith Mitchell e.yodat@verizon.net Departures ATL
Judi Mitchell-Smith 67-89 jmitchellsmith@yahoo.com F/A ATL
Mary P. Dilg Mitchell(64-75) mdmitchell@yahoo.com FA JFK
Todd Mitchell (89-91) UTJazz9900@aol.com SLCRR SLCRR
James C, Mize 47-83 srmies@strato.net Mangr, Materiel Dist Mia
Lois Moberg 64-68 Peachylak@aol.com Flight Attendant ORD, DCA
Ron Mochi 65/90 AVCON1@msn.com Maintenance BOS
Robert Modica 68-80 r.modica@att.net Engineering MIA
Mark Modzelewski 80-91 modmec@hotmail.com Fac/Engineer MIA
 Helene Mogil Piser 65-91 hpiser@earthlink.net f/a
victor mojica 15 years vmmojica@fedex.com operations SJU
JACK N. MOGUS 63 - 89 JACKM@polarisracinggroup.com Pilot DCA
Brent Moir 85-91 blm.blm@verizon.net F/A BOS
 Victor Mojica 72-87 vmmojica@fedex.com res/ato/w&b/ramp mgr SJU/LAX/MKE
E. H. "Buster" Moldenhauer, Jr.65 - 89 Buster@Moldenhauer.com Mechanic/Pilot MIA/DCA/ATL
Janet Molzon 72-88 e21k@aol.com reservations WDBRR
Pete Monachese (66-91) petermona831@aol.com Training EWR/GSO/SEA/MIA
 JIM MONBECK 78-89 milowash@earthlink.net Pilot MIA @ ATL
 Sandy Monticello 82-89 montips@juno.com customer service IAH DEN TUS
Michael Montfort 88-91 mmontfort@comcast.net Pilot DCA
 MC Moody 70-91 smooday@gmail.com baggage/fuel/ramp ATL and RDU
Paula S. Moody 81-89 paulasue@mindspring.com District Sales MIA & ATL
david jake moore 67-89 moor190d@yahoo.com clr autoshop mech ATL
Donald Moore 63-91 dmoore33@peoplepc.com chief agent ATL
Ed Moore 68-89 eddneliz@mybluelight.com bldg maint BWI-DCA
Judy Moore 78-89 jmoore7500@aol.com stores MIA
 Linnea "Bobbie" Moore 68-90 linneamoorern@aol.com Res, CAD, Departure Services CHIRR, ATLRR, ATL
Marilyn Moore-Buice 69-89 Bulldog0848@att.net Agent MIA/PHL/ATL
max m moore maxmoore@gte.net a&p mechanic JFK
Roland Moore (65-91)  rmoore80@bellsouth.net  Legal NYC &MIA
Sharyn Moore 65-91 sharynmari@aol.com res/mgmt nyc/wdbrr/tparr
Julie Morahan (77-88) jmorahan@US.Amadeus.net Reservations MIA
Albert Morales (78-88) Mor9253@aol.com Res / Agent WDB,BOS,SLC,MIA
 Michelle Morales 89-90 michelleferr@comcast.net /A dca
 Sonia Morales 82-86 celestepicon@yahoo.com agent GUA
kay moran 63-67 ktolhoek@aol.com FA LGA, JFK, MIA
John Moraitis 76-89 jboy917@yahoo.com Printing Svcs. MIA
PATRICIA MORENO 84-90 bossita92@hotmail.com Airport Agent BAQ
Mary M. Moretti 78-87 hhtvl@juno.com ATO/CTO BDL
Michael A. Moretti 86-end mikemoretti@adelphia.net Passenger Sales WAS/MIA/HOU/ATL
Joe D Morgan (55-89) oedmorgan@bellsouth.net cust svc dca/mem/jax/atl/sav/mem/atl
Pat Morgan (67-91) morganpg@bellsouth.net Res ATL

Tom Moriarty 66-90
n727tm@msn.com Pilot DCA
 James M Morin 56-87 PH5050@aol.com Pilot BOS
Michael Morrell 80-82 mgm@nmsu.edu Radioman BOS
 Bernard R.Morris 84-1991 bernard_63@msn.com Passenger Service Team ATL
Dottie Morris Barber 78-85 dottiejb@bellsouth.net F/A EWR/MIA
Gary Morris 73-89 gmorrisy2k@hotmail.com Radio Mechanic MIA/ATL
Les Morris 65-89 bronzeagle@cox.net Pilot jfk
Sue Morris 67-87 smorris@jockeyclub.com TPARR TPARR
Joseph Morrison 83-89 josephmorrison50@yahoo.com CTO - ATO St lucia
Linda Morrison 63-68 leahivey@hotmail.com F/A, supvr inflt svc MIA/JFK
 Billie L. Morrow 72-91 themorrows3@juno.com crew sched Atlanta
 Buck Morrow 59-83 buckmorrow4@gmail.com
engine overhaul
Mortenson.Gene (59-93) Norski@gglbs.com FLT.OPS ORD-ATL-MIA
Jennifer Mosher (85-91) Jen36594@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
 Ray Mosher 73-89 remosher2003@yahoo.com Bldg Services JFK
Rayu Mosher  (73-89)  RayMosher@aol.com  Building Services   JFK 
Brenda Moss-Clifton 71-91 mszx@charter.net Tkt/Ops/Gates/Baggage/AF RDU
Dave Moss 66-86 jdpm@comcast.net Pilot MIA ORD
Jeanne Moss (68-87) wisperjets@worldnet.att.net agt/cust srv ORD/STL/ATL
Martin Moss 75-89 mjmoss@bellsouth.net Lead Rampservice MIA
Therese (Terri) Beyer 79-83 tkohart@hotmail.com TKT CNTR JFK
Nancy Moss /Anderson 78-83 funisforsharing@hotmail.com Insurance MIA
Jim Morrison (87-90) jcmorrisonjr@aol.com ops mgr/ ramp svcs ATL
 John Mowder 70 -72 Mowderart@aol.com F/A NYC
 Nestor Moya 76-87 itsa510@bellsouth.net Propulsion Engineering MIA
Tom Moyles (89-91) Moylest@usa.redcross.org Mechanic MIA
 leonard mroz 71-89 leonard.mroz@comcast.net Ramp Service phl
Mary Mueller (66-91) marymueller@familyrecovery.net   Atl
mike mugovero 84/89 none heavy maint a&p MIA
Pam Mull 78-88 thedphenrys@comcast.net Res,Sales,Training CLT,SLC,TPA,PHL,MIA,JFK
Bill Mullen (67-91) BillMullen@worldnet.att.net Agt/Supv/SYS1 STL/ SLC/SLCRR
Barbara Baker Muller 45- 51 BLM329@AOL.com  Radio/Teletype jax
 maureen mulheren 71-84 maureenmulheren@aol.com flight att JFK-SJU-EWR
 CHUCK MULLINS 63-89 camullins@gate.net pilot mia
 Gary Moon Mullins 67-89 mullins.gary@insightbb.com cleaner SDF/ATL
Charles(chuck-charlie)mullins  30-yrs cmullins@gate.net RAMP SV- PILOT DCA-NY-MIA
 Shelly Mullins 86-88 srmullins@sbcglobal.net Flight Attendant JFK
Anne Mullis Price(77-89) a5mom@aol.com clt res clt
Daryl Mund 85-90 Snookmstr@aol.com Mgr/Dept Services MIA
Jeff Munn 80-89 jmunn9@comcast.net mech  Miami
Daniel Munoz (67-89) tuillrie@aol.com Pilot JFK
Thelma Munoz 60-91 tmunoz@ncl.com Ticketing MIA
Fred Muratore (69-91) heyutwo@hotmail.com psgr svcs PHL-IAH
Lynda Ricci Murdock 79-91 lynda.murdock@rrd.com Tkting/Baggage Serv LEX/LAX
Bob Murphy 63-end GUBMurphy@aol.com F/A Scheduling ATL-MIA-SJU
Jimy Murphy (50-63) jmurphy@mail.newnanutilities.org tkt. ctr. t&s rep. cto mgr atl,nyho,clt,det
Kathleen Murphy 85-87 Mariomurph@yahoo.com res BOS
ken murphy (72-91) murphygobeau@aol.com ramp,mgr crew schd bos,atl,bdl,rdu,atl ,
Mary Murphy (Terpo) 78-91 MurphyGobeau@aol.com f/A ATL

Patty Murphy Sparke  85-89

PatSparkes@aol.com Employment/Sta.Adm/Mat.Dist. MIA
Robb Murphy 76-91 RoBear771@excite.com F/A MIA, ATL
Sheila Tinn-Murphy (77-87) CTapper@aol.com Flight Attendant New York
William A. Murphy (77-end) Wmstmjkb@aol.com Flight Attendant New York
Barbara Murray 84 - 91 BarbaraLynMurray@aol.com In-flight MIA
 Bill Murray 68-88 billpepa@msn.com shuttle agt lga
John D. Murray (77-87) murrinski@yahoo.com A&P Mechanic YUL/BOS
John D. Murray jdmurray@beld.net    
 charles musick jr 70-91 crmmp@hotmail.com Pilot MIA
Dennis Myers 68-89 Flaboat@aol.com ramp serv-mech ind stl fll mia atl pbi
Mary Hepler Myers78-91 Bechchick@aol.com FLLOB/TA/ATLSH fll/atl/pbi
nolan myrick 5 nmyrick@valnet customer services hsv
 Ray Nadeau 57-87 nadeauz@bellsouth.net Line Maintenance MCO
 PAT naeder- IZZO 69-76 patizzo@comcast.net F/A EWR/JFK/LGA
Hank Nalli 67- 89 dhobk@comcast.net ramp bos
 Cheryl Namay 69-78 Cheryl_Castle@yahoo.com F/A BOS
 Ruth Anne Namay 73-91 oody2@comcast.net F/A BOS
 Kathy Naples 78-87 knaples13@aol.com res wdbrr/bosrr
Chelle (Alexander) Napolitano 75-91 jimmerchelle@cox.net F/A jfk/atl/mia
jim napolitano 75-91 jimmerchelle@cox.net f/A ewr,sju,atl
 Alvaro J. Naranjo 68-91 naranjo3@bellsouth.net Pilot Scheduling MIA
Loretta Nardelli: 66-91 ladylo47@aol.com convention desk TPA
Rick V Nardelli (65-91)  rvnardelli1@aol.com Res Mgt TPARR
Tony Nardone 77-91 anardone@atlasair.com sched JFK/MIA
 BOBBY NASH 65-89 bcrashnash@att.net GRD.EQUIPT.MECH ATL
Marsha Maddox Nash 73-89 marshanash@mindspring.com Res ATLRR CHIRR BOSRR CLTRR
 Barbara Naslund 59-end jnaslund@tampabay.rr.com Crew Sked miami
 (Larry) John Naslund 76-89 jnaslund@tampabay.rr.com a/c fueler miami
Ray Nau  ( 58-86 ) raymondjnau@hotmail.com  sales MIA, RIC, MIA, SAN, LAX, DWS MLB 
Patricia Naus '75-end Pan01065@aol.com F/A..Union Rep ORD/ATL/MIA
Carolyn Neal (67-70) carbill248@aol.com F/A JFK/MIA
 James Neal 74-end grink@charter.net flight attendant Miami, Atl, Chicago, Sanjuan
Donna Neeb 68-1988 Luckyariesd@aol.com F/A MIA
Judy Neal 68-end judy.neal@coldwellbanker.com F/A Chicago, San Juan, Atlanta
 S Neal  71 - 80 djsneal@bellsouth.net Departure Service/ IT MIA
Lew Neeb, Jr. (66-90) lewneeb@hotmail.com PILOT MIA
Vionette Negretti 68-70 vgnegretti@gmail.com F/A BOS
Karen Neiman (73-91) (Jilton) neiman2000@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
 Shirley Neiman 68-89 shirleystemple99@aol.com res wdbrr
Vinnie Neita (78-89) vinnie.neita@ual.com Ramp LGA, SYR, SFO
BEVERLY NELSON (59-60 wolfeb@marsusa.com flight att ORD/BOS
David A Nelson (72-82)  nelso1972@mediaone.net crew schedule ord/mia
Lauren Nelson (65-91) lnelson@avitas.com Engineering MIA
John Nelson 80- raiders013@yahoo.com   mia
 WARNER NELSON 66-89 nels33@comcast.net pilot DCA
 Jeff Nesbitt 78-88 scandalmcintire@gmail.com Ramp/Aircraft Svs ATL/MIA

peter h ness 68-89
bappaness@yahoo.com ramp BOS
 Rhondda Netherton 68-91 rhonddane@comcast.net Flight Att. JFK
Jim Neubauer 70-88 jim_nbr@yahoo.com Pilot MIA
Tina Neubauer 70-77 yoginitina@yahoo.com Doral Computer Center MIA
Pete Neumann89-91 PeteFdEx@aol.com Pilot MIA
Jan Newcomb 79-89 jan@newcombgroup.com F/A ATL
Dave Newcomer (57-88)  david.newcomer@sap.com Agent ABE/EWR/IAD/MIA/NYC
JIM NEWHOFF (61-91)  jnewhoff@gmail.com JAMTO/SATO  
 Ernest Newman, II 80-91 allhomeinsp@aol.com F/A ATL
Lane Newman (65-91) MsAAwings@mindspring.com flight att mia
Jim Newton (60-91) wingsofman@gmail.com Customer Service IAH
 Nancy Newton 67-89 nancy@newtonandassociates.com Mgr.Product Dev MIA
Elizabeth Schuett (Nichols)51-59 eschuett@nwonline.net Sec. and F/A MIA-MDW
Stuart Niborski 71-73 saintnibor@aol.com crew sched JFK
Peter "nick" Nicolaides 76-89 waverider2005@se.rr.com f/A sju/mia
 Clarence (NICK) Nichols 89-91 dr727@yahoo.com Q.C. Inspector MIA
Cyndy (Mitchell) Nicholson 76-91 Moonbeem0@aol.com F/a MIA
Jim Nickel (77-90) jaimediego@aol.com Rates CLTRR
 Peter "Nick" Nicolaides 76-91 wavrider@bellsouth.net F/A sju-mia
 Robert Niederhausen 80-89 niedhaus@peoplepc.com A/C svces and ramp JFK ATL
Glenda Tyler Nielsen 63-88 geteal@yahoo.com F/A Cstr Svc AGT DCA/JAX/ATL
Norman P. Nielsen 67-89 zumturken@aol.com Pilot JFK,MIA,PHL
Sherri Nieporte(76-91) KYWINGSFAN@AOL.COM ATO DTW
Will Nieswander53-87 cbaxter17511@msn.com Lead R/Srv DCA
Joe A. Nieves (90-91) joenieves@hotmail.com Gen Mechanic MIA
 Charlie Niles 89-91 charliepilot@comcast.net Pilot ATL
 Quentin (Skip) Niles 67-89 quip1@comcast.net Comrcl Comp Sys MI
Lynn Nipper 85-88 dragonhunter@tampabay.rr.com ramp tpa/srq/jax/mci
Tony Niosi 57 amn995@bellsouth.net Logistics MIA
Toby Michael Nix (89-91) EALNIX@aol.com F/A ATL
J.D."Dan" Nixon (66-91) W4EA@bellsouth.net Pilot MIA, ATL, NY, BOS
Alice Nixon (Deluca) (75-91) adnixon@bellsouth.net F/A, Agent MIA, ATL, MIA
Jorge L. Noda 84-89 jnoda1@hotmail.com a/c overhaul mia
 Steve Nogi 72-86 noags015@aol.com Human Resources ewr, phl, mia, atl
James Nolan 82-88 jtnolan@rocketmail.com Res SLC
 Keith Nold 79-91 KeithNold@aol.com F/A SJU/ATL
Catherine J. Noonan (54-89) cjnoo@aol.com admn/ president's ofc miami
Hanna Norat 84-91 gdanskoliwa@yahoo.com Computer Services MIA
Jan Nordin(66-89)  olblue727@aol.com pilot JFK 
Paul Norkum (68-89) tbird20@avana.net A & P Mechanic Mia, Atl
Jane ( Norrris) Miceli (66-79) inkypen29@aol.com F / A NY- ATL- BOS
John W. Norris(66-87) jnor1211@worldnet.att.net  res cltrr
 Richard Norris 77-91 penwaltz@bellsouth.net Flt. Attendant ATL
 Bert Northcutt (73-89) robertrnorthcutt@aol.com Ramp/Freight MIA/ATL
marianne smith norton 86-91 marianne1401@yahoo.com RES CHI / ATL
 Shep Novak 78-85 psnovak@cox.net F/A MIA
ed nowak  dncopy@aol.com pilot ewr
Delores H. Noyes (60-89) deenoyes@hotmail.com F/A JFK/ATL/MIA
Jackie Nuels Nethersole(76-86) njaclyn@aol.com F/A JFK
Mike Nuin 56-88  mikenuin@gmail.com Surplus Sales mia
joseph nunez 50's-80's rix@chalice.zzn.com lead mechanic JFK
 Dan Nutter 66-89 dnutter1@carolina.rr.com CAD/RES CLTRR
Dan Nutter 78-strike dpnutter43@yahoo.com Mechanic Miami
 Kevin Novellino 89-91 kevinn1964@yahoo.com F/A LGA,MIA
Tivis Nuzzolillo 75-91 tivis@bellsouth.net psa MSY
Tina Nycum 70-77 yoginitina@yahoo.com Doral Computer Center MIA
Gary E Oakley 72-90 geoakley@hotmail.com rampsvc DCA, BDL
Mike Oakey 73-88 mmoakey@earthlink.net pilot  JFK,IAH,ATL
Jean A. Oberlander (76-89) jeanandbillobie@aol.com REZ Woodbridge NJ
 DIANE (DURHAM) OBLAK 78-89 ddd_8888@yahoo.com F/A ATL JFK
 Elizabeth O'Boyle 65-67 Burke.elizabeth@att.net stewardess LGA-JFK-EWR
Jerry O"Bra ('63-'88)  jerryo521@yahoo.com mechanic MIA-ORD
Brenda O'Brien (78-91) BSMORRIS@webtv.net Agent - Gates Atlanta
Donna (O'Brien) Hanes 85-89 RHanes@aol.com F/A  
Jim O'Brien 72-86 jobrien48@houston.rr.com res/a/c svc/sys-one MIA/ATL
Thomas O Bryon 65-89 tobryon@aol.com Captain ATL
Margaret O'Brien 72-85 smkymtnhigh@yahoo.com Res,Departure Svcs. ATL
 Brian O'Connell 63-86 bmmop@sbcglobal.net agent NY-PHX-ATL
Larry O'Connell 72-end locon31187@insightbb.com F/A MIA/ATL
Sandy Thompson- O'Connell 72-85 locon31187@insightbb.com F/A MIA
Michael O'Connor 72-88 boronlube@comcast.net kF/A BOS ATL MIA
Richard Odlum 73- rodlum@bellsouth.net syst one BOS/MIA
 Ted Odom 77-81 invoicer@bellsouth.net dep svr, res MCN/ATL
Pattie ODonnell 68-end pattie@employeegrowth.com f/a JFK / MIA / ATL
Robert O'Donovan 84-90 CaptainOD@aol.com L-1011/Pilot  Prog MIA
Joe Oesterreicher 52-86 joesterreicher1@comcast.net R&E MECH, A&P MECH ORD
Diane Fagan(O'Hargan) 72-91  LadyDi7347@aol.com F/A Mia/Atl
 Ed O'Grady 67-87 eogrady@si.rr.com ops/control ctr LGA
Ted O'Hirok 54-58 ohirokt@prodigy.net RampServ Fueler IDL, MIA, EWR
Richard Ojeda 83-89 rojeda60@live.com stores mia
 Jane O'Keefe 66-72 charles.dombroski@rcn.com marketing Manhattn/JFK
Gary Okeson 79-91 ekuru@frontiernet.net F/A & Sales Mgr NYC, ATL
Stan Oleysyck 80-91 smo3549@lvcm.com Aircraft Services JFK/MIA
Pat Oliver 76-88 oliverpa12@comcast.net res/sys one WDBRR
 louise olivera 72-89  lulusback36@optonline.net res  mia wdb
 Richard Olson 67-92 richmo41@gmail.com agent PDX
Boyd Omer 80-87 bwomer@excite.com a&p mechanic MIA-LAX
Kyle Hennessy (Oneil/Kutina) 77-91 ivalo_1@msn.com F/A ATL
Carolanne O'Neal-Cox (Cain)(68-89) CandyC47@aol.com F / A MIA / EWR
 Pat O'Neil 85'-91' oneil529@bellsouth.net F/A, Trng, Supv BOS,MIA,ATL
Susan M. O'neill 68-91 so1022@aol.com f/a ATL/MIA
Nancy Oppenheimer 68-84 noppenheimer@verizon.net F/A MIA/JFK
 Loretta Ora 83-end ora23@bellsouth.net Fines Analyst MIA
 don orchard 59-85 flaont@aol.com tkt ctr/gate agt yip/pie/tpa/ord
michael d orsborn 67-89 horsborn@yahoo.com a&p mechanic jfk/phl
 fynne wilkie orton 69-87 Fynnef@aol.com F/A MIA/DCA/ORD/ATL
Gloria Orr (78-87) glocoat518@aol.com Tkt ctr//bag srvs DTW/IAH
Mike Orr (67-end)  Cayce0841@aol.com Rampservice mob/mia/stl/cae
Robin Orr - 88-91 odom992@charter.net F/A atl
Steve Orr 71-89 steveorr@earthlink.net pilot Atl
Lamar O'Shields (66-91) lamaos@cs.com Gate Agent ATL
Diane O'steen (sitton) 68- dmsitton@worldnet.att.net TPARR/CAD/E-TEAM TPARR
Bruce O'Such 78-83 bruceosuch@aol.com F/A JFK, MIA
Mike Oswalt 85-87 oswaltdonna@bellsouth.net ramp ATL
Isabelle Otero (78-91) isabelle@yahoo.com psgr. svcs. SJU
Kim Otley 80-91 kimo@gvtc.com Agt, RampMgr, Mech DTW, SAT, IAH, ATL
 Bill Ottignon 76-89 wottignon@aol.com Flight Attendant JFK
 Nat Overcash nrovercash@fedex.com MX Manager ATL
Bill Overholser 73-89 EALdog@aol.com Pilot DCA, MIA
Graham "Otis" Overton(65-89) SkipOverton@juno.com Stockroom Atl
Leigh Anne Overturf
leighannerx@hotmail.com Flight Attendant LGA
Helen Owczarek 62-69 helenowczarek2011@comcast.net
res chi
Cindy Owen-Fest 85-89 festusfest@aol.com res CLTRR
Michael A. Owen (90/91) grayhawk01@yahoo.com A&P Mech MIA
 Richard L. Owen 80-88 richowen@cox.net Pilot ATL, IAH, ORD
Jim Ouzts (68-90) Jouzts6610 pilot ATL
Alison Pace(Bell/McCue) 83-91 baseballmama9@carolina.rr.com res/ATO/CTO CLT/RDU/LAX/ATL
Maria Pace 79 - 89 tanner4mom@msn.com maint BOS
 Gail Packard 68-91 gapackard@hotmail.com F/A recruit MIA
Susan Packard (75 end) seanamour@aol.com Flight Attendant Miami
 Ronald Paczkowski 70-89 RONFP_321@msn.com Avionics Technician EWR,MIA,ATL
Todd Padgett 88-91 todd.padgett@caraustar.com Area Sales Mgr PNS
Lee Ann Paganini (68-91) mslap@msn.com res/sp.serv/control ATL/ROA
Anthony Pagano 71-84 apagano@westglen.com Flight Attendant EWR/JFK
Paul Painter (79-84) kotabatu@hotmail.com a/c svcs, ramp svcs ATL/SFO
 Marion H. Painton 68-89 mpainton60@netzero.com Mechanic ATL
 Nancy Palambo 73-83 nancy@kemosabe.com flight attendant ord
Sue Palas 64-91 smpalas@triad.rr.com MIA  
Steve Palefsky (84-89) stevepal1@aol.com Ramp Lead SFO
 Gene Palladino 67-89 gpalladino@msn.com Cleaning Ramp A&P mechanic JFK PHL LGA MIA ATL
Doug Palmer 80 - 89 dougpalmer@mindspring.com A&P Mechanic MIA
Jackie Palmer 65-69 JackieSweeny@HotMail.com
res MIA
Patricia Palmer 86-end patricia_palmer@merck.com SystemOne MIA
Patrick Palmer (79-91) fiuprof@hotmail.com A/C Router - Maint Sched Miami
Mike Palumbo (70 - 91) Palmike100@aol.com Sales BUF/DCA
Fred Palas 59-91 Fpalas@triad.rr.com Res-Space Ctrl JAX-TPA-MIA
Sue Palas 63-91 Smpalas@triad.rr.com Ref Info/Marketing MIAMI
Betsy Pape 64-91 bpape@bellsouth.net Mgmt/CTO/Shuttle/Wt& Balance NYC/LGA/ATL
Mike Pape '87-'89 mpflys@aol.com Pilot BOS
Janet Papp (66-86) Corvette_98@Prodigy.net Reservations NYC/BOS/MIA
 Nikkolas Pappas Nikkolas2@aol.com Flight Attendant NYC
Judy Parcell 68-91 Judy_Parcell@hotmail.com Data Processing MIA
DAVID PARISH 73/91 David.H.Parish@Chase.comm RAMP/PAX SER/CC ATL
Ron Park (64-91) chiefbigguy@msn.com A/F Agent PHL
Marion Parke French 65/69 mare@mindspring.com F/A ATL
d.j.(snake)parker 64-89 parkerwarn@aol.com a/c  elect miami
Kenny Parker 65-end shuttlepubs@hotmail.com ramp svc LGA
Rachel M. Parker 88-91 rparker@aol.com Flight Attendant JFK
 John Pascazio 89-91 Bluefrogndc@mac.com F/A DCA
George Pastular 67-89 pastular@wmconnect.com Ouality MIA
Kelly Parmer (89-91)  tvlchica@aol.com f/a ATL
 Paul Parsons 72-92 cpparsons@cox.net arpt ops Pensacola
Willie Patin 79 -89 wuzzfuzzla@cox.net Acrft. Serv MSY
H.C.'Pat'Patterson 52-89 PHCPatterson@aol.com  Line Maintenance clt
Dan Patton (73-87) danielspat@aol.com Tkt Agt/Res/Sys1 ATL
 Pat Patton Darby Pedley 66-91 ggpedley@earthlink.net F/A NYC, ATL
 John (JP) Paul 67-89 Johnnyp4@aol.com line maint ATL
Ronnie Paul 72-89 Ronniepaulstevens@adelphia.net f/A EWR
Michelle (Thomas) Paulsen (84-86) nmpaulsen@aol.com tkt ctr/gates/bag svc msy
Priscilla'pat' Paulsen (68-74  priscilla_carolyn@yahoo.com Flight Attendent JFK
Ted Paulsen 61-63 UncleIgor@aol.com res Manhattan
Carol Albury Payne(59-98)  palcarol@bellsouth.net Accts Pay Miami
Mary Gwynn Payne (69-91)  mgwynnpayne@bellsouth.net City ticket office Fll
 Terri Payne 84-91 tki99@juno.com F/A MIA
Jerry B. Peacock (63-89) w4sas@aol.com Pilot ATL
George Peacon 59-89 gtflags@netscape.net Pilot MIA & ATL
Mary Holub Peacon 68-88 mhpeacon@netscape.net f/A MIA/ATL
Bernard F. Peavey39 / 76 pvj1945@aol.com mech inspection MIA
PAT PECIRNO 72-89 need e-mail address ramp ord
Victor Pedraz (64-67) eurobiz@worldnet.att.net res NYC-MIA
 Trina Peduto 71-75 nordes@aol.com wdbrr res EWR
 Pete Peek ( Chester ) 66-79 pnbpeek@bwwonline.com Line mech DCA
Sandra L Peel 62-65 gtthree@msn.com Flight Attendant BOS - ATL
 Ron Peeples 68-end c120ron@bellsouth.net Ramp Service atl
Ralph Pelliccio Jr. (77-89) RNP41@AOL.COM Ramp Service EWR
 kathy carey pelusio 69-77 kcarey6@nycap.rr.com vacation planning woodbridge
Ken Pemberton 67-89 AzKenAz@aol.com agent STL / PHX
Rafael Pena rpena59@hotmail.com Financial Reporting MIA
Larry Pence (80-88) bigscooters@wyan.org A&P Mech Hgr Mia-Atl
 Bill Penkava 65-90 penkava@earthlink.net planning MIA
John Penninger 77-79 johnpenninger@gmail.com res ATL
 Michele Pennington 89-91  micheleallo@hotmail.com Flight Attendant LGA
 Joyce Pennyman 78-91 jpennyman@hotmail.com Tkt Ctr/Gates ATL
 Michelle Penrod 87-91 Homes4allMo@aol.com F/A DCA
Sonia Penso (69-91) Spenso@us.amadeus.net DPTRSVCS KIN/MBJ/MIA
Yvonne Perdomo 93-03 a_perdomo16@hotmail.com   Belize
Arma Perez 72-87 aim887@aol.com res wdbr/sju/mia 
 Denice Perez 72-89 vze234fz@verizon.net F/A DCA
 Tom Perez 73-89 miamitp@comcast.net blk o'haul, hyd. & inst. shops MIA
 Calvin Perilloux 87-90 calvin.perilloux@marriott.com data center Doral
 Kyle Pero 73-89 kpero@us.ibm.com Pilot JFK
Bruce Perry 68-81 bruce_n_jan@msn.com A&P mech BOS/MIA
Darell Perry 77--91 DarellPerry91902@aol.com F/AATL  
Jim B. Perry (72-86) JPerry@AmadeusLink.com Res / Trainer WDBRR/MIA
Janet Perry 89-91 j_edwards2000@yahoo.com Flight Attendant ATL
Marilyn Perry mperry@co.union.nc.us RATE DESK CLTRR
 Maureen Perry 83-91 mseperry@aol.com Tkt agt/cto TLH FLL
Pamela Roberts Perrien(64-91)  pamela.leigh@mindspring.com  RES-C1R Desk ATL
Dearl Peters 57-67  tackleberry970@excite.com ramp svc CLE
Ed "Fast Eddie" Peters 68-88 peters03223@prodigy.net a/c maint bos
Jim Peters 66-89 jimkarengirls@yahoo.com Pilot DCA-MIA-ATL
Edward P. Petersen (56-89) edpat@webtv.net NDT Inspecton Mia
James (Jim) Peterson (79-89) Jimmpete@aol.com A&P Mech.  MIA
Diane Peterson 69 - 91 diapet7@bellsouth.net f/A ATL/EWR/LGA
 Lois Mae Peterson 56-90 LPeterson@miamiair.com Executive Asst MIA
 Mike Peterson 79-88 bikemike55@hotmail.com a&p MIA /IAH
William(Skip)Peterson (68-86) wcp@usaor.net A&P / Tech Service MIA/DCA/PIT
Tony Petraitis(70-91)   jrtvl@aol.com Reg. Sls. Mgr. RIC
Patti Petrulli  68-91 ealpet@comcast.net F/A MIA/ATL
JIM PETTIGREW  ( 67-75 ) eljim@cox.net AGENT/RAMP SUPV.  JFK 
Bob Pettitt 80-89 rapjr@juno.com A&P Mech Miami
 David Pezzullo 75-81 dpezzullo@comcast.net Flight Attendant EWR
 DAVE PFEIL 63-85 ewrdave@aol.com PSGR SVC MGR PHL/EWR
Paul Pharmer (56-85) ppharmer@us.amadeus.net Acctg/Comp Svcs Miami
 Pat Phelan 72 - 87 skilloyd@cfl.rr.com Flight Attendant MIA/Atl
Jack Phelps 1966 Johntina1@verizon.net Line maint DCA BWI TPA
Jimmie Phelps 65-91 jphelps4@tampabay.rr.com DCA/GNV Control Center/C Station Agent
 Norlinda Philbeck 73-91 NorlindaPhilbeck@aol.com F/A ATL
Cleo N. Philemon/McKay 59-73 leoneta@hotmail.com Res/ Air Freight CLT/MIA
Mike Phipps 85-89 mnmkids2@juno.com Pilot JFK
Bob Phillips 66-91 bobbyphillips@msn.com SYSTEMONE MIA
Brenda C. Phillips 66-91 bren77742@numail.org rez/atl//dprt svc IAH/AQTL
Joe Phillips 78-end joenphillips@hotmail.com ramp svc/radio atl
 Richard J. Phillips 68-89 richardp59@numail.org ramp svc ATL
Richard E. Phillips (70-88) rep1944@aol.com CHIEF AGENT MSP
 Teresa Phillips 77-78 tteresa.woodson@alacourt.gov Flight Attendant NYC and ATL
 Terry Phillips 85-91 tep01@aol.com pilot atl
Kathy Picardi (82-87) kathy@picardi.com Res SLCRR
 Barbara Piccolomini 74-9 brpiccolo@msn.com Flt. Attn ATL
 Greg Picur 89-91 now4picurs@hotmail.com Marketing Research TPA/SRQ
 ronald q pie 78 =91 ronqpye@aol.com f/a mrkt/dsm/corp sales lga/atl/msy/sju
Skip Pierce    (65-89) badrap@bellsouth.net Lead Stockclerk MIA/ATL
Mary (Scott) Piela 85-91 piela@juno.com System One mia
Anne L. Pienkos (76-91) apienklee@hotmail.com Res. Supervisor WDBRR
 Linda Pieplow 76-91 pieplow@comcast.net F/A DCA
Carmen R. Pietri 56-86 ashlee@coqui.net  F/A JFK-MIA-SJU
Nancy Cody Pietrus (69-89) srsnancy@infoave.net RSVNS CLTRR
 Dwight Pigg 89-91 Dwight@Pigg.com ramp cmh
 eric pimentel 82-89 eric.pimentel@gmail.com airpt ops sjo
Pauline Pinard 61-62 PeepsB@aol.com F/A JFK
Joe Pignatiello 71-91 ealjoe1@aol.com agent/spec svc EWR/MIA/PBI
 Randi Pine 79-90 flyea@aol.com Res,Ticket BOS/LGA/EWR
Maria Piombo 75-91 mk19542003@yahoo.com flight attendant jfk - mia
Brian Pipe (68-89) devonsure@aol.com Mia line maint $ F/A LGA/MIA
Mary Ann Murray Pipe (68-89) devonsure@aol.com Flight Attendant  NYC &MIA/FLL
Helene Piser (Mogil) (65-91) hpiser@yahoo.com Flight Attendant supv JFK, EWR , MIA
 Rodney C Pittman 84-89 rodmong@comcast.net Rampservice Ric,DCA,Atl,EWR
Jim Pitts (66-90) james.pitts@ci.seattle.wa.us departure atl
LeRoy Pflugbeil ('53-84)  compag@aol.com material distribution MIA
George L. Pharmer(63-91) gpharmer@amadeuslink.com Actg Cmptr Sci Res  MIA/CLT
Stephani (Plautz) Lassiter 89-91 slassiter@benefitcommunications.com F/A LGA
 Richard J Phillips 69-89 richardp59@bellsouth.net ramp service ATL
Elaine Pittman Eidson 73-80 Reidson@comcast.net Flight Att
 Pamela (Plummer) Delello 69-91 ealstew@netzero.net F/A jfk/ewr/atl
Dan Pluth 79-89 flyboybo@aol.com F/A Mia
Joel J Pockalnik 62-91 jonebi@hotmail.com Ramp Service IAH-ATL
CHARLES POE 80/89 CPOE419@earthlink.net ramp ATL
Willie PODESTA Young57-64 WPY6037@aol.com stewardess/FA MIA & DCA
 Valerie Podlesak Hart 66-74 hartv@aol.com res/ato CHIRR LAXRR BURTO
 Pam Poe 78-91 pamelapoe729@adelphia.net Res & Gates  
Deborah Poitier-Abreu 77-91 debrapoiter@bellsouth.net   Miami
 Robert Polak 59/91 robthp1@msn.com Agent/Managemt LGA/FLL
Bill Polakos (65-end) billpolakos@optonline.net General Manager JFK,LAX,ONT,AVP,DTW
 matt polchinski 79-89 mattpolchinski@yahoo.com A&P mech mia
Sandi Polidura 87-91 johanness@bellsouth.net ato ewr
 Kristie Pollock 76-91 Kris0708@aol.com F/A and In Flight Spv SJU/ATL/JFK/MIA
 Poltl Edward 69-91 edward.poltl@eds.com System One MIA
Betty Pomponio 66-85 jcpomponio@hotma Flight Att Miami
Joe Pomponio 68-91 jcpomponio@hotma Pilot Miami
Magda Ponce de Leon (72-88) magdaponcedel@yahoo.com Int'l tkt Ctr MIA
Mike Pond mpond3@msn.com Pilot ORD
TOM PONGA 86-88 tponga@msn.com mechanic JFK/GSE
Bill Pontius 68-88 bill@e-databasedesign.com ComputerScienc  MIA
Jean Poole (63-65) jeanpoole@earthlink.net Reservations ATL, TPA
Alice Pope(74-84) Alecki@charter.net flight attendant EWR
Chuck Pope 72-end cpope4@yahoo.com ramp  mco mia srq
Wayne Polk 75-88 wpolk@arccorp.com rate desk CLT
Ray N Pope 59-91 rothrayn@hotmail.com Cust Svc EWR/PHL/SLC
Cindy Poradzisz 89-91 cynthia.varga@grubb-ellis.com Flight Attendant LGA
Francisco Porras 84-89 francisco.porras@aa.com Opns SJO
Share Phillips Porri 69-91 shareporri@msn.com F/A ATL
Roderic Porter 78-89 Nitehawk21@aol.com ramp Atl/Ord
Anne Warren Posey (77-89) aewmonaghan@yahoo.com F/A DCA/ATL
Steve Possner (68/87)  pitufo43@aol.com mech/ maint mgr LGA/MIA/MCI
Robert Poste 86-88 rhposte@hotmail.com flight attendant EWR & MIA
David Posteher 80-91 azdpost@hotmail.com AGT/SYS1 PHX/MIA/SLC
 Bucky Poston 55-87 mariaposton@aol.com Control Agent DCA
Richard Poston 79-89 rlposton2000@yahoo.com A&P Mech. MIA
Cate Potter 79-80 catelipot@comcast.net Computer Ops/Maint MIA/ATL
Howard Potter 56-91  hhpotter1@juno.com Ticket agent CMH
John Potter 79-88 uphgood@comcast.net Line Maint MIA/ATL/BDL
 Bev Potts- Osborn 75-93 beverlyosborn@aol.com F/A BOS
Carol Powell 78-88 caprab@aol.com res WDBRR
Gary Powell 69-89 Gpfromga@aol.com Avionics Mech mia/atl
Jack W. Powell 66-88 mpowell106@juno.com line mech atl
 Paul H Powell, III 81-86 paulhpowell3@yahoo.com A&P Mechanic MIA/ATL
Dick Powers 67-91 rpowers2@midsouth.rr.com Pilot MIA
Fred Powers (68-74) journeyhp@aol.com A/C Mtce. Ind.Eng MIA
 Nelsie Parada 66-91 johnparada@comcast.net Sales & Services NY
Linda (Prager) Flynn (70-87) lflynn1@alltel.net F/A, Supv. ATL
RICK PRASKAC 67-82 netgrip@earthlink.net ramp ewr
Ken Prather 64-87 kenprather@aol.com AGENT ATL
 Gayle Prentice 67-91 gprentic@bellsouth.net Res/CTO/SATO CLTRR/GSP/WAS/MKE/ATL
Rick Prentice 78-89 rprentic@bellsouth.net Customer Svc/Supvsr CLT/GSP/ORF/WAS(sato)/MKE
Terry Prescott 80-91 pprescot@unch.unc.edu Computer Center mia
AG PRESNELL  67 89 mailto:presnela@bellsouth.net terminal MAINT MIA
Bill Preissner,Jr. (71-74) PreissnerB@aol.com Dep. Agent MIA
John Previte85-91 jprevite@gte.net Supervisor Res TPA
Gordy Price (64-89)  swoods1@peoplepc.com ramp service/fueling ATL
 Paul B. Priest 72-91 priestx3@mchsi.com Labor Relations MIA
Susan Primavera 85-88 sue4110@yahoo.com rez WDBRR
 Franklin Pritchett 80-91 f_pritchett@hotmail.com MX foreman ATL
Bob Pruiksma 79-89 rspusaf@bellsouth.net A&P mechanic DTW/ATL
Jim Pryel  (67-88) jimpryel@worldnet.att.net Flight Ops DCA, MIA
Susan (Caputo) Pryor (79-91) mikep@webfilter.org RES BOS/TPA
Dick (Puch) Puchferran(68 -92) puch@mindspring.com aprt supervisor SRQ
Jenny Puchferran Gonce(67-93) puch@mindspring.com Res/SystemOne TPA/ATL/MIA
Ernest Puckett 63 -89 epuckett@aobsolutions.com Pilot MIA
Kevin Pullen 79-91 artlife@numail.org   WDBRR/ATLTA/MIATA
liliana f. pumpido 75-86 lpumpido@wnyschools.net f/a ewr
 Ronald Q Pye 78 - 91 ronqpye@aol.com f/a sales /corp sales/ dsm atl/sju/msy
 BARRY PYONIN 79-91 barrypyonin@hotmail.com airport lax/tus/slc/pbi
Betty Fatherree Quave 72-87 juiceplusbetty@aol.com f/A MIA-ATL
 Ann Queen 68 - 91 AQueen9897@aol.com F/A Bos/Nyc
 Rudy Quevedo 80-89 rudyq59@hotmail.com A&P Mech- 593 M
Rosemarie Quijano 69-70 Rosemarieq821@yahoo.com F/A New York
Pablo Quiles (86-89) p_quiles@yahoo.com
mechanic MIA
Donna Quinn/Svoboda 67-88 dsvoboda@gallatinriver.net Res/Rate Desk/VPD CHIRR
Jim Quinn 78-88 jamesequinn@yahoo.com sales GNV/ATL/CLT/DFW
William E. Quinn 64-80 mangographics@hotmail.com Union Steward MIA
Neola Ann Raboin 54-60 neola@peoplepc.com F/A Miami
Karen Rachal 73-89 Oldbat2393@aol.com Stock Clerk MIA
Steve Rachal 68-89 assemreq@aol.com Mech A/C O haul MIA

Rada, Mark 72-86
markrada@hotmail.com Agent,CS,RS,ect OMA
 Jerry Radford 64-72 jb1radford@yahoo.com Operations agent Fll
 JUDY RADOS TERRY 66-83 radosterry@yahoo.com F/A BOS-DCA
Wanda Radowski 68-88 wradowski@yahoo.com Rsvns/ dist agy sales WDB/NYC 
Marsha Raeber 72-91  mraeber@comcast.net F/A SJU-ATL-MIA-ATL
Jean Raetz-Topetzes JeanRT99@aol.com F/A ATL
Mary Ann Dewes (Raemdonck)(75-91)   dewes@stlnet.com flight attendant SJU/MIA/ATL 
Don Raff 57-89 DJ5301@aol.com lead mech MIA
 Gerri Rafferty 69 to end gerrirafferty@aol.com F/a EWR
Kathy Ragazzo 72-88 OrtleyKath@aol.com RES WDBRR
Rod Ragazzo (80-90) EASTERNTRIJET@AOL.COM ops mgr / gnd supp svcs JFK
Hannele Rahkola-Shild (77-89) Rahkola1@aol.com FA JFK
 Walter J. Rainey 68-91 krainey@waltersmarinade.com MECHANIC MIA
Cecil Rainwater (64-91) cecilrain@cs.com Mtce. Planning Atlanta
Carlitos Ramirez 78-90 cramirez69@gay.com ramp sdq
 Alfred Rametta 61 - 90 Alskull@comcast.net mech LGA-MIA-FLL
 Eve Ramirez Tuzza 69-91 epatrick1@mindspring.com Flight Attendant JFK
Lizzette Ramirez (86-91) LRN_33@hotmail.com PSGR SVC SJU
Karen (Ramos) Hugi 86-89 hugirn@comcast.net F/A ATL
Raymond Ramos 81-85 rramos61@yahoo.com PSSGR SERV SJU
Bob Ramsay 68-89 robjet210@aol.com Pilot ATL/MIA/DCA/NYC
Linda Kennedy Range 77-89 range717@bellsouth.net F/A MIA
 Don Ranke 63-89 golfrgin@bellsouth.com pilot ewr/atl
Ileana (Ili) Raspall (73-91) igraspall@worldnet.att.net F/A ATL/ MIA
Moe Rateb 78-91 1n3.6million@excite.com Ramp Service EWR/MIA/LGA/CHS
James D. Rathbone 67-88 jimr9@earthlink.net Pilot BOS, ATL, MIA
 Brian M. Ratzlaff 73-89 Bratzlaff1@CS.com Pilot ATL
ROSA,RAUL  85'-89' IMERRN4U@AOL.COM a&p mech miami
Carl Raupe 71-76 carlraupe@gmail.com gate agent MIA
Marc Ravitz (80-91) MRitz748@aol.com Pax Svcs/Mail bwi/aus/mci/phl/atl/mco
Hazel Rawls 55-58 Caromount@aol.com Reservation Serv ATL
 Maureen Ray 78-88 bammray@aol.com res WDBRR
 Patricia (Reade-Mattia) Cubby 72- seesh1@yahoo.com Flight Attendant LGA-EWR-BOS-EWR
 Gary Reardon 78-88 JGReardon13@aol.com ATO/RES TPA/BOS/MIA
Vernon E. Reaser II 67-87 emeth@nmia.com pilot&fltops mngmt atl-mia-jfk-ewr-lga-bos-dca
 Mae Redden 69-91 aredden@aol.com F/A Ord/Atl
Jim Reddington 78-89 red3635@sbcglobal.net ramp, freight,agt ORD/ATL,
Popcorn Redmon(75-91)  popcorn.redmon@jetblue.com F/A SJU, JFK
Anne Reed (75-91) annereed@smyrnacable.net Flight Attendant ewr/atl
Phil Reed (79-86) preed11@aol.com FA / Sales ATL/TPA/BDL
 Jerry Reedy 67-91 harleyfxr4@netzero.net Dept Svc/Control Center DCA
Allan Reeves 84-88 Lawstudent46@Earthlink.net a/c services LGA
 ray rehill 78-89 rjrehill@aol.com mech/painter mia
cyndeeBr..Reichardt 68-88 clscholz@aol.com F/A jfk/dca/ord
 Bob Reid 52 to 85 rjreid108@comcast.net Pilot F/A
Cory Reidel (89-91) Cory-DalTex@prodigy.net Flight Attendant DCA-LGA
Jeff Reif 90/91 Reif1965@AOL.com Ramp Agt DTW
Mike Reilly 73-89 Capt.Reilly@gmail.com Pilot MIA
 Kim Remmel 75-80 kimnnancy@netscape.com A&E MIA

Jan Remphrey 78-91

JustPlaneJan@aol.com F/A ATL
 Steve Reindl 80-89 sreindl@apci.net A&P mechanic MIA
Lynne Reineke 59-60 blackjackfarm@tds.net F/A ATL,
Skip Reinert (81-91) skipcar3@aol.com Passenger Service SAV-TUL-LAX
Albert G. Reitan 67-91 reia777@aol.com Pilot DCA/JFK/ATL
Russ Renaud (65-91) rrenaud@hondo.net Acft. Mntc LGA-DCA-PHL-FLL-MIA
Russell L. Renaud 66-82 rubarb92@att.net Agent/sales DTW
KAY RENFROE 75-91 krenfroe7451@gmail.com Res CLT- ATL
 Kathi Renison 72-74 kathleen.holt@sbcglobal.net F/A JFK
ellen rentzsch-kolodziej(74+) lnsioux@aol.com f/a ord/atl
A.J.Renzi 72-89 renzi4@aol.com pilot atl,jfk,mia
Paul Reska (68-91) psresk04@netzero.com ramp service BOS
Mark Rennard 79-87 mrennard@us.amadeus.net agent PVD/BOS
Chris(Schuldt)Renner (67-77) c_renner@bellsouth.net Res Oakbrook
 Susan Repp 72-end orkids96@yahoo.com sys one MIA
Bill Reubert 55-82 wbreub@aol.com Pilot Atlanta
Joseph Reumann 64-89 josephreumann@sbcgolobal.net LEAD S\M MECH JFK-MIA
Judy Reveal (66-87) jreveal@friend.ly.net chi res/mia staff CHIRR/MIAST
Rudy Revay 18-yr chris@numbers-r-us.com trans shop MIA
gilbert reyes (80-89) expreso@coqui.net ramp services sju
Bill 'ACE' Reynolds 66-91 acereynolds007@comcast.net station Agent all areas MOB
Connie Reynolds (67-85) conniereynolds@worldnet.att.net Res Atl
Dave Reynolds (70-89) bmeealstd@aol.com Aircraft serv. GSO
Harriette A. Reynolds (53-89) HARey32@AOL.COM Agent, ATO ATL/MIA/MSP/TPA
Lathan Reynolds (75-90) LSherwilliams@aol.com Flight Attendent Miami
Bill Rhodes 68-end foggy43us@yahoo.com pssgr srvc CLE-LAX-DAB-SAN
 Cynthia Rhodes 72-98 CRhodes794@aol.com F/A MIA
 harvey rhodes 69-89 horribleharv@msn.com rampsvc phl-pbi-msp
Jim (Dusty) Rhode 67-89 jimrhode@dps.state.nv.us cargo mgr mia
Rican 78-89 JRivera427@aol.com A & P Mech LGA/Mia
Gary Riccardelli 86-88 garyricc@comcast.net Ramp Service LGA-EWR
 Ric Riccardi 80-90 ric_riccardi@usairways.com SMgr Acft Insp MIA
Paul Rick Riccobono 78-85 rick@esdg.net RES AGENT MIA SLC MIA
 Bob Riccuiti 65-89 eavespi@optonline.net ramp JFK / LGA
 Harold E. Rice, sr 64-89 Crsclub38@aol.com agent RIC
 Ken Richards 59-91 kenrichards@mindspring.com pilot ATL,JFK,CLT.MSY,ORD
RAYNARD RICHARDS 88-91 raynardr@yahoo.com Reservations Agent TPA
Robert Richards 57-62 inge@webcosolutions.com Flight Engineer EWR
Tony Richards 84-89 TonyRN@myway.com flight att sju/mia
Steve Richardson (63-89) shrichardson@mediaone.net Pilot NY/BOS
 Allen B. Richman 63-83 dreamventures@earthlink.net Pilot Miami
 Don Richmond 80-89 drr49@yahoo.com
 Pam Richsaunderschiesa 70-78 chiesa.pam4@gmail.com F/A JFK
 Dorsey D Richter 58-91 derichter@frontiernet.net R/S CTR DEP OPS JAX/MIA/SAV
 Elaine Scott Richter 68-90 erichter@gasou.edu Sales,GH,Agent  ATL,, JAX,SAV
 Ken Rider 72-89 ghostrider@wcnet.org Pilot JFK,ORD,ATL
Barbara T Ridley 87-91 bridley_travco@yahoo.com Airport Agent CAE
Hugh D. Ridgway (63-89) hdr22@alltel.net/hdr22@ictransnet.com Pilot ATL, NY, ORD
Janis Ridgeway 77-86 Ridgeway6@attbi.com res Boston
 Rogena Ridgell 85-91 rrellison81@msn.com F/A JFK/LGA
 Donald C. Riley 56-91 driley767@yahoo.com Inspector, Lead Mechanic MIA
Susan King Riley 77-88 riley.susan71@gmail.com cust svc BWI/DCA/SFO/MCI
Bill Riney 63-83 whrtafe@yahoo.com Custsve,A/C svc, Fac LGA MIA
Dave Rindone79-End whisperhog@msn.com 691 MIA
 Cindy Rioux 77 - 88 AZDarlin1@yahoo.com CHIRR Oakbrook
Amy Rippel 87-90 rippeleffect@yahoo.com F/A LGA
Burt Rister (63-83) 
ris20ter@frontiernet.net res Chirr/Slcrr
 Bill Ritter 59-89 ritterb@bellsouth.net Appr/A&P/Elect MIA
Carlos L. Rivera 68-89 rivercar@mindspring.com  Lead Mech AC/OH Miami
EDWIN RIVERA 80-89 geomon666@aol.com A/P MECH MIA
Efrain Rivera 84-89 cayayito@netzero.net Ramp Mia

Carlos L. Rivera   68-89

crivera7@crdus.jnj.com A/C- O/H Lead MIA
Louis Rivera 77-91 tensaxlou@aol.com agent JFK/BOS/MIA
Jose Luis Rivera78-89 JRivera427@aol.com contract line LGA-Mia
JOSE J. RIVERA COLON   70-75 drche@hotmail.com ops SJ"U
Alejandro Rivero 87/88 morarc@cantv.net res agt/airport agt CCS
Edgar Martin-Rivero 20 Years emr2516@aol.com int. communications mia/sju
Marc Rizzo 88-91 rizzomarc@hotmail.com flight attendant lga, Trainer/EAP
Clyde Roach (40--81)   clyderoach@bellsouth.net Pilot MIA
Dale Roach (72-91) droachman3@hotmail.com RAMP SERVICES MCO/TPA/ATL/IAH/BWI/SRQ/MLB
 Joanne Roach 89-91 joanneroach@cfl.rr.com res bos/clt/mia
Vanessa Harper Roach Vanessa.Harper@hsc.utah.edu res slc, tul
Al Roat 69-91 greatfolks@att.net Inflight VP staff MIA
Robert (Bob) Robar 65-91 bob@travelcentre.com ctr/baggage/ops MIA SRQ ROA GNV 
Charles Robbins (robbie)67-91 Robbie 071237@aol.com Maint.Forman atl
Mary ( Robbins)Mueller 66-91 marymueller@familyrecovery.net F/A JFK,MIA,ATL
Brian Roberts 79-86 Brian.Roberts@bcbsma.com RES BOSRR
Chris Roberts (68-88) EALFLYER@AOL.COM Crew Schedule Atlanta 
Christian Roberts (68-88) chris.roberts@worldspan.com Mia-$$/Atl-P. Sch/Ramp Miami & Atlanta
 David Roberts 85-91 droberts40422@yahoo.com Flight Attendant ATL
 Ida Roberts 80-83 sammierob@msn.com Public Relations MIA
 Judy Roberts 79-91 jroberts1019@aol.com tkt agt - flt attendant rsw-atl and jfk-atl-mia
Kevin Roberts (78-87) traveldoc1@comcast.net res/tkt agt sfo/lax/tus/ont
Cheryl Roberson Granville 78-89 gnvuf@comcast.net Flight Attendant ATL / MIA
Bruce Robinson 65-77 brucearobinson@hotmail.com ComputerScience MIA
 gary robinson 89-90 princerace@sbcglobal.net flight attendant JFK
Harvey(Rob)Robinson 70-91 Firejock99@bellsouth.net Agent/Team Mem. ATL
Roberts, Diane 63 - 91 iwhispermail@gmail.com F/A OFFICE F/A MIA ATL
Hank Roca 70-86 hankr@usa.com TKT/OPS/Computer Center LGA & MIA
Ed Roche 59-65 eroche@tampabay.rr.com Cust SVC DCA/MIA
Herman Rock "Rock" 72-90 rock.rock@worldnet.att.net W & B / Ramp Serv. ATL
Alex Roddie 57-67 alexdcfan1242@yahoo.com tkt agt LGA East Side
Bill Rodenhizer 56-91 Rodeysr@aol.com Ramp/ops BOS
Bob Rodi (66-89)  rrodi@mmcable.com Pilot JFK, MIA, PHL
 DELFIN RODRIGUEZ 72-91 delfin01@iclaropr.com
George Rodriguez 69-89 grod.trg@gmail.com Ramp Service LGA/LAX
 Isabel C Rodriguez72-90 FIA257@aol.com Cust Serv Support - Bldg 16 MIA
 Manuel Rodriguez 60-91 ManoloRodz@wmconnect.com Station Manager SJU
Luis Rodriguez (75-91)  lrodriguez@vacation.com Intl Tkt Ctr Mgr SJU-MIA
 Marie Jane Rodriguez 76-66 mjr_pr@yahoo.com Flight Att SJU
Rosa Maria Rodriguez rosamariadimoutsikos@usa.net Airport SDQ
 W. C. [Windy] Roehl 56-88 windyeal@bellsouth.net Manager, Avionics MIA
 Roger Roesler 66-90 rogroe@aol.com Pilot ATL
Carol Roessle (Grimes) carol11146@aol.com Res WDBRR
Jerry Roessle (66-80) oldfart416@aol.com Ticket Counter ewr
Bill Rodgers (69-74)  rpc@nfis.com OPS/GRND MT PHL
Kathy Rogero 85-87 mkgratteau@comcast.net SystemOne TAABS MIA-Doral
Doug Rogers (68-91) Cptdjr@aol.com Pilot MIA/DCA
 Jill Rogers 71-'91 JRowlett11@aol.com F/A MIA/ATL
 Tom Rogers 68-89 tomerog@earthlink.net Pilot BOS/JFK
Gary Rogers 73-83 sgwjj@ucnsb.net Mech MIA
Patty Banks Rohan 78-91 pbrohan@insightbb.com F/A SJU,Atl, Mia
Bob Rohrborn (59-91) redfly757@yahoo.com Pilot Bos
Judy Rowland 61-63 Leavenworth1@msn.com F/A MIA
Dan Rohloff 66-91 danrrohloff@aol.com cust svc DTW ATL SLC PHX
Ed Roman 73-89 eandl100@aol.com Pilot MIA, JFK, MCO
Bob Romo (62-86) bobromo@swbell.net agent dca
THOMAS W. ROMPOT 54-89 retdon@embarqmail.com FA/SUPERVISOR MIA
 George C. Ronan 63-91 Gronan@mail.com
pilot atl dca nyc mia
 Mike Roneker 78-89 mike.roneker@ihrco.com res MIARR
 E.V.Roosevelt 65-90 evroosevelt@hughes.net Pilot NY,MIA,ATL,PHL
Robert Rosario 78-91 mrcruzrosario@webtv.net customer service SJU JFK
Ron Roskovich (79-88)  bucs44@sympatico.ca Ramp Service YYZ,ATL,EWR/MIA
Patrick Rosiak (84-88) prosiak@bellsouth.net Accounting MIA
Dave Rose (69-89) daverose@instructor.net Did it All ATL
 Hank Rosell 61-65 ahr38@juno.com Schedules Dept. HQ NYC
kathy rosenberg 89-91 sweetmalibu7@aol.com FA LGA
Herbert Rosenblum 73-89 hrjetmech@yahoo.com line/hanger JFK
 Rosendo rosendodorrego2007@comcast.net print dept MIA
Paul Rosenkranz (66-91) prosenkranz@focusaircargo.com CREW SCHEDULING JFK,PHL,MIA
Eloisa C. Roses 76-88 erosesramos@att.net Accounting MIA
Dorothy Rosevear(54-57) Dvberghe@aol.com F/A EWR
 LINDA ROSS 69-91 LCROSS25@HOTMAIL.COM f/a mia/jfk
 Howard Rossow 45-83 HOWARDROSSOW@aol.com Maint DTW
George Roth (78-91) eastern@attglobal.net Pilot ATL
Barbara Willliams-Roth 73-91 eastern@attglobal.net F/A ATL
 Sam Roth 72-76 samroth@bellsouth.net Systems Analyst MIA
 Lee Rothfeld 78-82 leer13@msn.com eng service ctr MIA
Skip Rothrock(53-89) srocknj@worldnet.att.net F/A EWR
Kathy Roupas 70-end kathy@sditravel.com F/A MIA/ORD/ATL
Rob Roye (85-88) RRoye@aol.com ramp serv atl
 Robert (Bob) Royer 67-89 royer130@charter.net Avionics Maint. 3rd shift DCA
Judy Rowland 61-63 Leavenworth1@msn.com F/A MIA
Marshall Rowlette (48-85) Togatug@aol.com Operations/Ramp ATL
Nancy Rubenstein 75-85 nrpilates@aol.com F/A ATL
Lydia Rubio Davis 68-84 heylrd@yahoo.com Flight Attendant JFK, ATL
Vivian Rubio 75-84 vyrp@optonline.net AGT& Crew Sked JFK
Tom Rucci (86-88) rooche1@aol.com Agent MSP
LINDA J. RUCKER 66-68 LindaFellows46@aol.com flight att mia
Beverly Rudd Phipps 78-89 deadstick@earthlink.net Res. / System 1 Salt Lake
 Jerry Ruderman 71-83 jeroldr@msn.com pssgr svc WDBRR/EWR/DCA/BOS
 Andy Ruggiano 63-84 ajrugg@charter.net psgr svcs LGA/MIA/PBI
 Amedeo (Mike) Ruggiero 67-89 eagle0018@hotmail.com mech ATL
 Joanne Ruzgis 78-84 JRRuzgis@aol.com FLIGHT ATTENDANT EWR/ORD
Rosa M. Ruiz 78-91 LeslieR@MediaOne.Net Revenue Accounting mia
Richard Runion 59-89 runion@infionline.net Ramp Service GSO
Mary Ruppert (65-67) Mwelch3197@aol.com f/a dca
Jimmy Rusciano(78-86) Jimmy0724@aol.com Ramp JFK
Roslyn (Cady) Rush (59-91) therushgroup@mindspring.com Agt-Supvr-Mgr ATL PVD/MIA/SRQ/
 Bill Russell 60-89 brus007@aol.com supv. JFK/LGA
Caldwell Russell(54-88) wilcalrus@gateway.net INSTRUCTOR MIAMI
Ron Russell 66-91 cowtownflyer@aol.com Captain ATL-IAH
Randall Rust 71-89 FE2o3R2@AOL.COM Pilot BOS
Paul Rutan (84-91) perutan@yahoo.com Agent MIA SLC SFO
 Rick Ryan 76-87 bearncub2003@yahoo.com F/A ATL
Robert (BOB) Ryan 67-82 redneckairways@yahoo.com Sales Manager CAE-ATL
 Rosa Minus (Ryans, Williams) 69-92 RMinus4@aol.com F/A Sup/Dca Shuttle Mgr Bos and DCA
 Jerome "Jerry" Ryan 46-59 Ruth@ifamilysafe.com steward mia
Bob Rydeen 65-89 rydeen@comcast.net Pilot Bos
JIM SAAS 72-88 jim_saas@yahoo.com res/airport mia-mci-dca
mj sabbath 78-89 miamimycall@yahoo.com plating miami
Susan Sabin (Schwartz) 78-85 vinlilas@hotmail.com res miarr/miall
Wm J. 'Bill' Sablesak 81-91 billsablesak@calalpa.org PILOT MIA/ATL/NYC
 Rhony Sackin Alston 71-89 r.alston@swerdlow.com F/A MIA
Reinaldo salas 89-91 raycomm@yahoo.com mech mia
 Melissa Salinas msalinas264@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
jerry salvesen 67-87 gjsalvesen@aol.com a/p jfk/iah iah
 Lynn Salzer-Murray 63-91 rockstdy@hotmail.com F/A BOS
 Dee Sammons Beeler 65-91 d_beeler@bellsouth.net F/A Atl
 susan sample 85-87 susanlsample@aol.com flight attendent mia
Juanita Samples 54-66 juanit_671@yahoo.com teletype opr ATL
Eric Sande 88-89 eric@redmondcofc.com f/A ATL
SARA SANDERS 70-85 ssanders44@hotmail.com Sales Manager RIC
MadelynSandler-Ferguson(77-91) mfergie@earthlink.net res wdbrr/slcrr/sys1
Ken Sanford 58-66 aerophil@ch.inter.net tkt agt WAS, DCA,BWI
Maria Santa 68-91 msanta@peoplepc.co res wdbrr/tparr
 Jose O. Santiago 59-89 j.santiago@cox.net Reservations SJU
Marta F. Santiesteban (74-91) Flymom526@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
 Carlos "Charlie" Santos 60-89 csantospr@yahoo.com mech San Juan, PR
Dan Santos (66-91 ) handydan12@aol.com  Customer Service  Pvd 
Fran Sanzaro 70-91 mvsfrs@aol.com ato,bag,ops,dept BDL
eleanor sarrasin (59-66) john-macleod@home.com F/A BOS/JFK/ORD
Phillip Sassa (84-91) samgroup@bellsouth.net inflight ATL
 Cindy Jackson Satterfield 76-91 cjsat4701@aol.com FA NY/ATL
Jim Saunders  (72 - 86)  jim9347@aol.com sales BOS/NYC/MIA 
Mary Ann Saunders  (78-89) msaundersmarin@home.com MKTING/SALES BOS/MIA
Janis Saxon 85-86 2j@charter.net F/A EWR
Howard R. Sawyer 61-91 howcom@netzero.net Customer Service abe/ewr/dca/yul
Steve Sawyer 79-89 msawy1956@comcast.net BOS BOSRR
Michele Scalone 67-91 michele@cybermatsa.com.mx Flight attendant ATL
 Jim Scandlin 86-91 jimscandlin@yahoo.com Reliability/QA MIA
Marge Scannell Eaton 69-91 margieeaton@bellsouth.net Flight Attendant CHI &ATL
June Scarboro 63-91 ajscarboro@gmail.com Ionosphere ATL
 Debi Scaturro Dscatsprat@aol.com F/A SJU
Art Schafer 66-89 AScha61379@aol.com Maint/ IAMAW Rep atl
 Carol Schaeffer 75-88 islandgrl303@aol.com Vacation Planning WDBRR
 Don Schafroth 67-81 DMSBMS2305@aol.com Pilot MIA
Warren Schaper 66-89 captduke1@aol.com Pilot MIA
 Kay Evans Schecht 66-70 schecht520@aol.com F/A NYC
 Anita Scheele
 Carla Scheu Anderson 68-91 carla.anderson48@gmail.com F/A JFK/EWR/DCA
Ron Schipper 63-89 schippe1@myway.com Pilot ORD,ATL,JFK,BOS,DCA.
 Chris Schoepe 70-86 cwright552@cox.net F/A DCA/MIA/DCA
 Sharon Shellenberger 67-71 fitz45@bellsouth.net F/A and instructor New York/Mia
Carla Scheu Anderson 68-91 carla.anderson48@gmail.com F/A JFK,EWR,DCA,
Nancy SCHUEPP Hansen73-end nancydecorart@yahoo.com F/A ewr/sju/jfk
Don E. Schumann 51-85 ealjet@aol.com Pilot MDW-JFK-MIA
Tom Schineller (64-end) 8r727@aol.com Pilot Ewr
George F Schlager (57-91) none Lead Mechanic Miami
Sydney Schlesser 46-86 ally56789@aol.com QA-Maintenance MIA
Don Schlingmann(76-88) schlinda@wv.isd196.k12.mn.us Rampservice MSP
Lisa Schmidt (aka stellmach) 79-87 risaria@yahoo.com res WDBRR
Julie Schmitt 70-73 Godsjul@hotmail.com Flight Attendant MIA
Brett H. Schneider (89-91) brtschndr@aol.com Flight Attendant LGA
Peter Schneider 89-91 pschne3106@yahoo.com F/A MIA
Chris (Schuldt) Renner (67-77) camren@inwave.com Res Oakbrook
Sylvia Schuldt Keene (62-69) Dsnyma@aol.com Res/Lead Agent CHIRR (Merchandise Mart)
Dale Schultheis (89-91) sunpaccapt@cs.com Pilot MIA
RANDYSCHIMMENTI(65-91)  randys253@bellsouth.net F/A CREWSCHD JFK/EWR/MIA
Becky Grayson Schleigh72-79 dschleigh@aol.com F/A DCA
 Ernie Schnaak 43 85 schnaak825@charter,net rampsev to capt hou---atl
C J Schneeman (76-88) c515j51@hot%20mail.com Fueling mia
Sharon Shellenberger FitzGibbon
fitz45@bellsouth F/A & Training NY,MIA,ATL
 Joseph Scheller III 75-91 jwscheller@flylcpa.com agt sales EVV SEA SAN EYW RSW
William Schlesinger 48-88 bill@stewavi.com Mgr Airways Proc MIAMI
 Sherry SCHLEENBAKER Padgham 72-91 SPadghamRN@aol.com F/A MIA
Raymond F. Schmidt 47-89 rayfliesagain@cox.net pilot mia
 Carolyn Schoen 73-End cms@gulftel.com Agent/Sec'ty PNS
 Tom Schofield 63-end tjscho@aol.com rampsvc BOS/LAX
Clifford SCHOONMAKER 57-86 cschoonmaker1@hvc.rr.com Pilot jfk
 Ernie Schnaak 43-85 schnaak@belllsouth.net ramp svc/pilot ATL


TRIJET2@OPTONLINE.NET A&P mech/lead/foreman JFK
 Elsie Scott 51-52 imlc88@comcast.net Stewardess MIA, CLT
 Kevin Scott 80-81 kscottpa@yahoo.com Programmer MIA
Sylvia Schuldt Keene 62-69 eneeks@sbcglobal.net Res Agent/Chief Agent CHIRR Merchandise Mart
 Al Schuler 66 89 asneads@earthlink.net line maint mia
Drew Schuman 78-89 drew.schuman@sekoworldwide.com Ramp ORD/ATL
Brian Schroeder 85-88 fnoty@yahoo.com computer program MIA
Nancy Schroeder 65-74 nancyatc@aol.com RES SUPV CHIRR/LAXRR LAX
Dale H. Schultheis 89-end dalilze2@cs.com Pilot MIA
Don Schumann 51-85 ealjet@aol.com Pilot Hou/Ord/Jfk/Mia
Mugsy Schwab 69-91 mschwab@carlsonwagonlit.com cust svc DTW
 Donine Schwartz 79-89
donine51@yahoo.com TKT/GATES/BAGGAGE CRP
 gretchen swartzwelder 67-71 gretchenshortway@hotmail.com f/A JFK
 Frank Schultz 86-91 frankfinallyonline@hotmail.com Flight Attendant DCA

  Norm Schultz 80-89

normanschultz@earthlink.net A&P mech MIA
Margaret (Mugsy) Schwab (69-91) mschwab@xol.com RES / ATO / ATO SJU / MCO / DTW
 Jeff Schwartz 64-84 jeffschwartzz@yahoo.com Airport & Res PHX, CHS, CLT, FPO, MIA
 John Schwartz 77-88 john.schwartz6@verizon.net A/P Mechanic  EWR
Harvey Schwartz (72-85) ALLIANCEAC@AOL.COM mech, a/c maint formn LGA,JFK,BWI,MIA
 Lee Schwartz 69 - 91 Leebird622@aol.com F/A LGA
Mike Scilingo 76-86 sciling@attg.net ramp ORD
 Lois Scholz 78-86 buznlo@att.net agent EWR
Al Schuler 66-89 alanaschuler@hughes.net line maint MIA
Trish Littlefield Schwarzkopf(68-86) benson1@gte.net F/A & AGT ATL/TPA
Jo An (Swendiman) McPhillips(74-91) jcmcp@msn.com Agent,I-Club JAX,DCA,MIA,MCO
 Mike Scilingo 76-86 pineapplepete@comcast.net ramp service ORD
Denise Periard Scott 64-90 tristar@htn.net f/A bos,ord,dca,mia
Elaine Scott Richter 68-90 erichter@gasou.edu Sales,GH,Agent ATL,JAX,SAV
 Elsie Scott 51-52 iblc88@comcast.net F/A Mia &Clt
Linda J. Scott 57-62 lindabillinda@aol.com F/A mia
Scotty (Pamela S Scott) (70-77) Petecow@aol.com Tkt Agt(bwi)- F/A (bos) BWI & MIA-BOS
Sandy Scott 66-91 pedalmasher@gmail.com Pilot MIA
 Jim Scribner 86-89 jim.scribner@penske.com F/A MIA
Lisa Scull Lisa@kansascity.com F/A Atlanta
bob seamans '66-'89 seamansjr@bellsouth.net Pilot BOS MIA ATL
Ernie Seawright (79-90) Ernie.Seawright@worldspan.com RES/Data Base  ATL/SLC/MIA 
Bill Sebring 57-62 sebringbg@msn.com Flight Engineer MSY
 CARMEN SEGRERA 79-91 carmen.segrera@ual.com Mktng.Advertising MIA
 Leonard Seifert 68-89 laseifert@cs.com pilot iahjfkbosmiaatl
Gary Self 66-1991 N6NB@aol.com Pilot MIA,IAH,ATL
Jim Seymour 80-83 aeromech@rochester.rr.com A&P Mechanic MIA
Pat Sepe 69 - 85 pmsepe@sbcglobal.net Psgr. Svcs. Mgr. MIA/SEA/JFK
Bee Settles 73-89 Beefly74@hotmail.com Pilot JFK/ATL
jerry p sexton 54-87 psexton5@cs.com material dist mia
Peggy Sexton 72-86 peggytaf@mindspring.com tkt ctr/programmer ORD/MIA
Ed Sessions 63-91 esaerie@msn.com Pilot ATL, MIA,JFK,BOS
Ileana Gomez Shafer (79-86) Igshaf@aol.com Financial Reporting MIA
Monte M. Shafer (79-85) msshaf@aol.com A/C Routing/Treasury MIA-ATL
Claudette Shaheen 64-74 claudette.shaheen@sympatico.ca Reservations YUL
 Barbara Shale 67-end bshale@bellsouth.net flight attendant Miami
 Mike Shanahan 76-89 mikegs@pacbell.net A&P Mechanic MIA-SEA
 Patrick T Shanahan 80-89 pshana7579@aol.com magic kingdom MIA
Michael Shankman 72-89 PhylsPilot@aol.com Pilot BOS, JFK
 ROGER SHAPIRO 77-85 sellbuylease@yahoo.com SKYCAP MIA
Pat Conway Shatz (62-91) pattysporch@juno.com f/a MIA MSY ATL DCA
Sue Shaver (68-91) sshaver@nctc.com F/A ATL
 John Shearer 66-89 johnashearer@me.com Pilot LGA,DCA,BOS,MIA
Sandy Shebib 80-84 vincent.s.oleszkiewicz@bakernet.com Flight Attendant JFK/LGA
Sandra Shealy 61-65 ssgreene@att.net  FA JFK
 Robert R Shedd III 73-89 rshedd200@aol.com ramp ATL,MIA
 BILL SHEEHAN 66-88 bills3200@netzero.net TERM AUTO SHOP EWR-MIA
 JOHN F SHEEHY 70-89 Sheehy@Hughes.Net Pilot DCA,EWR,MIA,JFK
Larry Sheets (68-89) rivetkckr@aol.com Dept. 606 parts fab MIA
Christine Shehab (Krauss) 76-88 mewood@beeline-online.net F/A SJU//LGA/JFK
Jack Shehab 72-86 PRgolfer@aol.com F/A & F/A Spvr SJU
Carol Chatlain Sheil 65-90 CSHEIL@HOTMAIL.COM F/A , AGT, ADMIN  MIA
 Jane Sheldon 85-89 lehsj@yahoo.com ramp ATL
 Sharon Shellenberger FitzGibbon 67-71 fitz45@bellsouth.net F/A & instructor NY / Mia
 G R (Jerry) Sheppard 68-89 islandfever@prodigy.net Pilot NY-MIA-MCO-ATL-BOS
J. Frank Shepherd (65-89) jfshep@prodigy.net Pilot EWR/PHL
 Beth Harrell Shepley 68-91 bshepley@aol.com F/A ATL
Linda Sheppard 74-91 Silver727@chugach.net F/A Atlanta
 Bryan Sherby 68/91 bsherby@capitalcargo.com maint BOS/MIA/ATL
Tim Sheridan 86-90 yankeekeeper@msn.com   MIA
Phyllis Sherman-Mora 76-90 phylrad@webtv.net F/A MIA-ATL
Vicki Sherman (Wynne) 68/85 vickisher@aol.com stewardess mia/dca/ord/ewr
Ibis Sherren (68-91)  eaibis@hotmail.com F/A MIA-EWR-ATL
Bob Sherwin (67-89) r_sherwin@msn.com Pilot JFK, ATL
Patrick A. Shiel (Pat) 59-91 pat102240@aol.com Mgt,rmp,P/S,Res agt RDU/JFK/NYCRR
Jim Shields (67-89) jashields@uswest.net PILOT JFK,BOS,ATL
 John Shields 65-85 Bigb0331@otmail.com security Miami
Penny Schilling-Nelson 69 to end gretag7878@msn.com f/A JFK/EWR
Tim Shimrock (82-end) Mooch.Motorsports@prodigy.net RAMPSERVICE IND SDF MCI
Maureen Short (73-90) mms2u@msn.com  res,tkt ctr, gates wdbrr, mco,mci,atl,mco
David Sidlinger (63-89)  asidling@netpath.net  pilot  BOS MIA 
Faye Siegfried 76-91 fayepnorris@aol.com Baggage/LZ Office MIA
Jerry Siennicki 66-91 coop0123@bellsouth.net Pilot mia/atl
Bill Showalter 85-91 william.showalter@eds.com Comm Center MIA
Phyllis Thomas Shumaker 66-89 pjshumaker@aol.com teletype,res,exec desk cltrr
 Van Silver 86-91 woodlandsgolfer@juno.com F/A Crew Sch. MIA
Karin Skerget 77-91 karinskerget@hotmail.com YULRR,YULTA YUL
Roger M. Skillman (41-57) rogerskillman@bettersafeco.com Flight Attendant MIA
Jon Skinner '(80-85) swa_fun@yahoo.com flight att. MIA/ATL
John Skolaut (80-81) jetinsp@bellsouth.net Hvy S/M MIA
John F Sheehy 70-89 sheehy@direcway.com pilot dca/ny
 vonnie shook curzon 78-91 juniorlady8@gmail.com res/arpt Atl/Slc
Tom Sickles 63-92 trsickles@aol.com Reliability Analysis Mia
Chip Sieglinger (68-89) chip@us-be.us Pilot MIA/JFK/BOS
Robert Siemsen (71-91) mapmantoh1@aol.com Chief Agent JFK/ISP
Gary Silver (80-89) Goldensil@aol.com aircraft maint. mia
Hermann Simons 73-88 opa@ca.inter.net Line Maintenance YUL,BOS
 Emily Simmons78-91 emilygall@charter.net Ticket Counter/Res MIA/ATL
 GARLAND SIMS 43-44 gesims44@bellsouth.net MAIL- FUEL- CARGO Fairhope, ALA.
 Van Silver 86-91 woodlandsgolfer@juno.com F/A Crew Scheduling MIA
 Hartley Simpson 84-89 hsimpson@carolina.rr.com Transportation MIA
len simpson (55/72) lensimpson@aol.com grd equip lead mia
saundria j simpson 70-89 flygirl2319@peoplepc.com F/A dca, jfk,lga/pr
Marie Simione 79-86 zsimione@comcast.net BOSRR BOS
Peter E. Simone 44-69 babbo1@bellsouth.net Sta. Mgr. LGA,PHL,JFK
Philip Simone (77-86) gspm@optonline.net F/A JFK
Hermann Simons (73-88) opa@total.net Line Maintenance YUL/BOS
Judy Simons(68-89) jaswfs@aol.com f/a jfk/lga/ord/bos
saundria j simpson (70-89) ssimpson@nrdc.org flight attendant ord,lga,jfk,sju,dca
 John Singer 76-81 sawdust21@perry.gulfnet.com Tkt Ctr/Depart/Control JFK
William "Bill" Skala (69-86)  w_skala@hotmail.com Aircraft Maintenance BDL/MIA/IAH/SYR/DCA/
Michael Skoien 80-93 MSKOI954@aol.com A/P MECH, SUP, QA MIA
DD Bornemann Skoug 69-70 ddskoug@gdinet.com F/A BOS, ATL
 Carmen Velasquez Skrzyniarz 72-90 cskrzyniarz@hotmail.com F/A SJU/ATL
Henry Slager (28-86) julie@justtherightcruise.com in flight mia-nyc-mia-atl
Gerri (Slonaker) Kosloski 69-91 gfk101@aol.com RES/CARGO/PAX WDB/ATL/ABE
Karen Smalley [Mann] 69/89 jsmalley@quik.com f/a mia/lga
 Ann Smith 72-90 mclark1406@hotmail.com f/A mia
Becky Smith 66-01 sarg2@peoplepc.com WX DEPT/AGENT atl/mco
 Bonnie Smith Hendricks 66-89 lifeliters@yahoo.com Acctg - Payroll MIA - ATL
Camilla Smith Antoniel 69-80 cantoniel@hotmail.com F/A LGA/ATL
Cathy Smith 82-91 brockmec@flcourts.org F/A SJU-ATL-MIA
Charles Edward Smith 85-89 charlesedwardsmith@msn.com E727 1011 FODC9 MIA JFK DCA ATL
Creed Smith 66-67 csmith@compascable.net res CLT
DEBRA SMITH LAW 69-91 debrallaw@aol.com F/A ATL-SJU-DCA
 denise k smith 84-91 niseyk21@yahoo.com F/A MIS
 Derek L. Smith 77-86 dlasmith@ibl.bm Flight Attendant JFK
Don Smith 44-74 sandys2555@aol.com Pilot MSY/MIA/JFK/ATL
Donald H. Smith (68-77) dcsmith10@comcast.net MAINT/mech MIA
doug smith (68-89) wisperjets@worldnet.att.net ramp service atlanta
Edith(Edie)Smith 56-60 tattogranny@msn.com stewardess ny clt dca
Floyd  W. Smith '73-74)  carl783@juno.com a&p mechanic MIA
George C. Smith, Jr. (48-89) gcsmithjr@sprintmail Pilot  DCA,NY
Gerald 'Jerry' Smith 68-88 gws@bellsouth.net Cust. & Spl. Svc PNS / ATL
Gloria M. Smith 66-70 copelandpen@aol.com Ticket Agent, Int'l Bazaar FPO
 Howard F. (Lin) Smith 67-85 hfsmith3@juno.com mech./instructor ORD/MIA
 Jack Smith 74-81 asmith3476@aol.com F/A syr/mia
Jack Smith 63-86 jsmith1151@ellijay.com sales ATL-MGM-BHM
 Jay W. Smith 80-end jaysmith@bellsouth.net BldMaint/ElecCont MIA
(James)JW Smith 69-89 tantor_inc@hotmail.com ramp/air freight ATL,TPA,MCO,TPA,ATL
JEFF SMITH 72-91 steakmon100@live.com WBRR/TKT CTR/RAMP EWR
Judi Mitchell-Smith 67-89 jmitchellsmith@yahoo.com Flt Att ATL
marianne smith (86-91) mn1401@bellsouth.net reservations chi/atl
Oren Smith 88-91 orensmith@hotmail.com Flight Attendant LGA/ATL
Polly Smith 65-96 psmith42@yahoo.com RES/System One CLT/MIA
Ray Smith (65-91) eray@cetlink.net a/p agent clt/gsp/cae/chs
 Robert Smith 85-89 rsmith757@aol.com Pilot MIA
 Stephen Smith 67 - 89 leroi@mindspring.com Pilot ATL
 Suzanne Smith-Wigfall 72-91 suzanne.smithwigfall@mirant.com F/A ATL
 Vicki M. Smith 75-91 Missdelta767@aol.com F/A ATL
W. M. Smith 71-87 chickenleg@numail.org ramp Service ATL
Wendy Smith (72-75) jetfa@cfl.rr.com Flight Attendant ATL, DCA
Wesley Butch Smith 72-89 mebutchdaddy@yahoo.com ramp TPA,MSY,ATL,GSO,DCA
 Sonny Smithwick 62-89 smewe@bellsouth.net Dispatch Ops Coor mia
Maryalice Snyder(Plesniarski)(85-91) Msnyder757@earthlink.net F/A, cust.svc, ramp,gate,tkt MIA,MCO,PHL,ABE
 William (Bill) Sparks 57-74 wsparks982@aol.com Stock Clerk MIA
 David Spence 76-89 DSPENCE231@aol.com A & P MECHANIC MIA
Bob Springer (52-86) bobandnancypie@yahoo.com Management GFL-DAB-TPA
Larry M. Sobelman 77-79 sobelman@bellsouth.net B727 AST simulator miafl
Patricia Sofroniou 72-91 patricia.p.papadopulos@delta.com YULRR/ATO/LGASH YUL/LGASH
 Adrian Soler Sr 85-89 Rosario1927@hotmail.com A&P Mechanic MIA
 John Solkshinitz 53-90  Maxatude@aol.com  Maintenance Rep   MIA/YYZ
Helen (Haskin) Solomon(78-88) helen.solomon@galileo.com Res Oakbrook
Linda Somma  72-87   lindapoker@aol.com rate desk, pax svcs, shift mgr WDBRR, LAX, LAS
 Hal Sotona 57-88  h sotona@comcast.net Pilot  ATL
Stan Soper (80-84) 4sopers@charter.net
Mechanic MIA
Juliana Sorbo (87-91) hckeck@unidial.com operations sdf
John "Striker" Sorensen(85-89)    Pilot  MIA
Vern Sorensen 64-76 vfsornesen@aol.com maint ord
janet sorrentino (haas)( 78-90) janj20@aol.com supervisor-res  
Priscilla Soto (79-end) sotopris@aol.com F/A SJU,MIA
Jackie Chapman Williams Southerland(67-91) jackie_southerland@hp.com res atl
Ron Southerland (71-91) ron.souther@gmail.com AGENT LAX
gary southmayd 66-74 gsouthmayd@gmail.com Sales & Marketing yul & MIA
Bill L.Southwick 66-8 sowick@azalea.net purchasing MIA
Michelle M. Souza  (85-91)  mailto:Hulahips57@aol.com Admin Ass't  MCO 
Lee Sowell 88-89 Beagle1mut@msn.com Pilot NYC
Karen Sowu(77 -91) ksowu@aol.com Reservations Atlanta
Frank Spampata 63-71 fspampata@yahoo.com Supervisor Arrival Activities NYCRR-JFK-SYR-JFK
 Eleanor Spanier 74- emsgogo@aim.com AGT.SUP.SYS.TRACING PHL/MIA/FLL
 John Spanier 86-90 Jmspanier@aol.com Hanger,A/C MIA
George Sparks (59-85) georges@terranova.net   MIAXZ
 Robin Sparling 83-91 Rctatro@aol.com F/A / Supv JFK/ATL
Glenn Speaks 66-88 glennroy3@home.com pilot ATL
Bridget Spear (78-89) bspear@accessatlanta.com ATLRR/SLCRR/ATLLL ATL / SLC
Jerry Spearman 77-91  jerry.spearman@wachovia.com CAD / SUPPORT CLTRR/MIARR
John Specht 77-89 jspecht89@hotmail.com Aircraft Maintenance MIA
Mike Speckman 70 91 mbspecks@hotmail.com RS MGR TRNG clt/mia
Dennis N. Specter 69 89 Spectec681@aol.com A/C Line Maint Boston
David Spence 76-89 DSPENCE231@aol.com GSE Mechanic MIA
 Will Spence 85-91 flyboy80@charter.net Pilot BOS
 Lynn Spencer (Salyers)83-89 lssalyers@aol.com Res and F/a ATL
Paul V. Spencer 51-81 Tspsl24@aol.com lead stock clerk mia
 Richard Spencer 68-91 rstuffy1@aol.com   mia/
Sam Spieker 63-91 L10Captain@Hotmail.Com Pilot DCA-MIA-NY
Mark Spies Sr 87-91 charmark75@aol.com Foreman A/C Maint atl/mia
 Mike Spitler 66-01 mike_spitler@yahoo.com Flt Ops ATL
William Sprague 56-77 k4bw@verizon.net pilot mia/atl/dca
Robert Spurgeon (Spud)58-end spur@hia.net ramp IAH DAL MSY
Tom Stachiw (68-91)  av8rts@hotmail.com agent/pilot STL-ATL-LGA
 Bill Stack 67-89 Williamstack@bellsouth.net agent-supervisor EWR/FL
John S. Stacknick (49-85) jstackni@tampabay.rr.com mgmt MSS-AVP-TPA
 Jackie Stafford 72-91 jackiestafford@bellsouth.net F/A JFK-BOS-ATL
Roy Staines 80-89 AATCCMIA1@aol.com A&P Mech mia
 Carole St.Ana 68-73 carole@wingroupusa.com Res, CTO, RDU Woodbridge & RDU
 chuck stanfield '70-'89 gpcnpip@excite.com Pilot ATL
 Richard Stamey 69-89 drzing@bellsouth.net Ramp DTW - MIA - CLT - ATL
Martha (Marmitt)Stanley(78-88)  trixie6135@aol.com  Res CHIRR
LR (Ray) Starcher (61-91)  ealretiree@AOL.COM  DEPT SVCS  DCA TPA 
Ken Starling (65-end) kstarling619@yahoo.com Ramp Svc/Uni Rep TLH
 Carl Starmann  (57-91) flyboyC@aol.com pilot MIA/DCA
Kathy Starmann  (65-91) kpstarmann@aol.com f/a DCA
Phil Stauffer 79-88 philip_stauffer@msn.com Line Maintenance JFK
Bill Stearns (BUBBA) (78-90) flabubba@hotmail.com aircraft service atl/tpa
 Dave Steding 73-87 dsteding1@cfl.rr Manager MIA
John Steding (69-83)J jsteding@triad.rr.com Programmer MIA
June Steding 68-83  jcsteding@yahoo.com Sales Audit/Sys One MIA
John Steele (69-79) jsteele@panam.com Info Technology MIA/PEA
 Stacey Stegbauer 80-89 taterbug123@gmail.com flight attendant MIA
Paul J. Stein (65-86) flpjs@bellsouth.net
john steinmetz '68-'91 johnnyeal@aol.com pilot atl,jfk,bos
Glenn Stelling 89-91 i1455@yahoo.com welding shop MIA
Joyce Luscher Stemper 68-91 stemperjl@inpo.org flight attendant mia/atl
Marjorie Stephens Dunton 65 -91 msdunton@bellsouth.net F/A ATL, DCA,BOS
Barbara Zabaglo Steger(80-91) Barbyste@aol.com SLC res MIA IClub Mia
 W.F.{Bill} Stern 50-80 woodcarver22@yahoo.com F/A Supervisor mia
Nancy Sterner 64-91 nsterner@tampabay.rr.com RES-MANPOWER-S-1 wdbrr tparr
JP Stevens 78-89 bymi1@netscape.net aircraft maintenance JFK/MIA
Scott Stevens 84-91 ssteven9@bellsouth.net F/A sju/mia
Bob STEVENSON 66-80 yukoner96@shaw.ca
Ops/Control Center YUL
Ruth Steward 68-69 ruthdsm@msn.com F/A ORD
Jackie Stewart 74-91 jakt519@aol.com FA MIA
Gary Stewart 86-91 ybnormal@msn.com F/A JFK / MIA
Wayne Stewart 68-91 StewartSTL@aol.com pilot JFK MIA ATL ORD
 Bruce St. Germain 78-89 lucgentile@aol.com ramp/res PVD/BOSRR
Nils A. Stille 77-81 nstille@airoverseas.com Res. MIARR, SLCR
 Earl Stiffler 50-86 eastiff@aol.com Ops-Dispatch-Sys Control DCA-LGA-JFK-MIA
R. Stiffler/ Rusty(66/89) RUSTY757@EARTHLINK.NET PILOT ATL
Bob Stillwell 61-91 bojo85688@aol.com Opns Svcs DCA /TLH
delzenia stinson-hart (77-88)  drhart9@hotmail.com res/tour desk clt-bos
Paul St Laurent 63-85 paulst1@adelphia.net A/C MECHANIC  BOS
Forrest Stob (68-89) fstob@comcast.net Mechanic Miami

 Lisa (Stockwell) Barrett 78-91

BarrettLS@aol.com f/a atl
 Wanda Stoll Sullivan 70-91 Stolliflies@aol.com Bldg l6,FA,Sales,Mktg MIA
Alan Stone 68-91 stoa@ntsb.gov pilot MIA/ATL/DCA
Jim Stone 68-89 Goodguynum1@aol.com A&P Mechanic Miami
Marianne (Magnan)Stone (69-87) mcmstone@juno.com CLTRR / ATLSH CLT / ATL
(STONEY)Stonesifer 69-89 stonesdb@msn.com Cargo Services MIA
Elly Storey (64-91) ellystorey@mchsi.com TRAINING  MIA
 Foxie Storey 66-72 washfox@msn.com Rsvn/Ticket Agt CLT/PNS
Larry Storey(68-end) specs113@hotmail.com Rampservice PHL
Howard Story (78-91) EAL1011@yahoo.com Ramp/Aircraft Services CVG - MIA
Eileen F.Stossel-Darden 76-84 wdedhdkd@bellsouth.net F/A MIA/JFK/ATL
Sheila Stossier (Jackson) 73-91 sheilastossier@gmail.com flight attendant SJU-JFK-DCA-ATL
Kitty Kirchen(Stothart) 68-86 pckitty1@me.com
 Nancy Knothe Stout 68-82 nkstout@gmail.com F/A JFK/BOS
Cal Stow 66-91 Cstow@cfl.rr.com Pilot JFK/.BOS
Ellen Stoyko 87-91  estoyko@earthlink.net res MIA ATL
John Stoyle 84-89 jstoyle@ameritech.net Sta mgr MCO, MIA, SJU
 Dennis Street 79-87 etopsden@aol.com Mechanic MIA ATL
 michael stribling 76-90 s.tr.ibo@hotmail.com ramp service atl
 Bud Strickland 78-88 bucccc2000@yahoo.com agt/res ATL PHX SLC PDX MCI
Charlie Strickland 66-92 charlie7@gate.net Flt Training MIA
 Delores Strickland 83-90 deeatum@aol.com CESI Sales MIA
 Jeff Striebich 76-89 jeff.striebich@adelphia.net Flight Attendant BOS
 Spring Strong 72-91 springdawn@aol.com Flight Attendant MIA
 FRANK STROPOLI 71-76 fstaro@gmail.com RES/ATO EWR
Mike W. Strus 89-91 mstrus7473@simplynet.net F/O-B-727 Atlanta
Michael Stubbins 78-91 michaelstubbins@cox.net F/A union LGA/JFK
 Peter Stubbins 63-72 duckydrake@msn.com Operations-Marketing BOS-PHL-MIA
 Marvin Stuecken 56-86 maritaours99@wmconnect.com maint STL
J Richard Stull crstull@cox.net. res ord, mci, abx, phx, slc
Ann Stultz 67-88 astultz45@yahoo.com RR/TA/OB/LL/FF CLT/BOS
Mike Stultz 68-89 mstultzphoto@gmail.com res/sales CLT/BOS
 Tom Stultz 68/91 Yellowjackts@bellsouth.net ops fll/atl
Ron Stumpfl 67-89 easyriderrp@yahoo.com App.Mech/Line Mtc Mia/Dca
Otto Stupka (65-91) JOTTO001@aol.com Pilot MIA
Diana Stutts 69-91 august_95@msn.com cust svc MIA
Ana Suarez (80-88) arsuarez@aol.com RES/CTO MIA
George Suarez(77-91) George.Suarez@Worldspan.com Res WDB NJ
Jorge Suarez 85-89 Jasjetdoc@msn.com  Bay 50-52 WDW MIA
Sandy Subject   69-97 ssubject@msn.com  Res/Sys 1 CHIRR/MIA
Jack Suchocki 67-90 jack@eyewitnessanimations.com Pilot MIA
 Linda Sulfridge Gregoire 66-91 Linda8280@hotmail.com F/A DCA/JFK
 David Sullivan 87-87 northernvaff@yahoo.com mail/ramp svc ORD/ATL
David Suliveres (78-91) davidsuliveres@hotmail.com PSGR SVC SJU/ATL/IAH/RSW
Ann Sullivan (68-88) ann@anne-sullivan.fsnet.co.uk res WDBRR
George R. Sullivan (55-63) geosullivan2000@yahoo.com Line Mtce MIA
 Joe Sullivan 77-88 jrsysh1@verizon.net RES/RAMP WDBRR/EWR/BOS/PHL
Sharon Sullivan 68-81 sharon.e.sullivan@sympatico.ca Cargo, airport, admin YYZ
J.Georges Sulmers 70-89 gsulmers1@aol.com pilot jfk/atl
D.C. (Danny) Summers 63-89 dansum@bellsouth.net Pilot nyc/atl/mia/ord/atl
Mark Summers(78-84) mark.summers@sita.int RES / TKT CTR CHIRR / SLCRR / IAH
Jim Sumner 79/84  jimmel01@msn.com A&P Mech FLL/BOS
Susan Hope Sumner76-80 Shs579@aol.com Flight Attendant mia
Kathie (Suttles) Bowden(80-91) kbb757@aol.com F/A; Supv. ATL
Millard M. Surrency (69-91) msenv1@bellsouth.net Control Center MIA
PJ St.James (Sussfeld) 73-89 pcbwithu@mindspring.com Grpdsk,conv,ratedsk,res TPARR
Dave Suttles 79-91 davesuttles@alltel.net F/A Crew Sched ATL
 Kathie Suttles 80-91 kbb757@msn.com F/A; Supervisor ATL
 Diane Sutton 86-91 DENNI0@AOL.COM payroll MIA
Jane&Steve Sutton(77-91) janestevesutton@hotmail.com F/A EWR
 Steve Sutton 77-91 ssutton@rewardsnetwork.com F/A EWR
Nadine Sutton 66-76 n.sutton@att.net res HOURR
Judi Svenningsen 84-91 Judi_alvey@cable.comcast.com Ramp Services ATL
 Ryan Swah 79-91 srswah@midsouth.rr.com Pilot DCA
Carolyn Swanson 68-88 orsonsangel@aol.com rez/frt/psgrserv chirr/ord/san
Lona Swanson 57-87 ealflyer@aol.com Departure Agent Mia/Atl
 Patty Anne Sweeney 74-82 Trish_40@yahoo.com F/A BOS
Joe Swino (80-89) josw@msn.com mech mia
 Alfred W.Swope 56-89 maryalswope@joimail.com Pilot EWR-ATL
 Emma Jean Sykes 60/88 ejsykes25@yahoo.com supv/cargo svc ctr ATLFE
Russell E. Sykes (65-91) russsykes@aol.com Flight Operations ATL
Tom Sykes(89-end) TommyS4145@aol.com Departure Svcs ATL/OB
 John Syman 62-90 symanj@aol.com Pilot DCA-NY-MIA
 Ralph Symons 79-91 ralphn229ea@yahoo.com maint blg 25 mia
Judy Syring 70-89 wiscgigi@charter.net F/A ATL
Jake C. Sysk 65-89 tpajas@netzero.net maint foreman mia&atl
Richard C. Szoka 69-89 rszoka@rms-law.com System Control Ctr MIA

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